Saturday, October 31, 2015


Nightmarish scenes from the Slovenian/Austrian border, as "refugees" break through the barriers:

There are several factors in the developing migration nightmare. Chief among them is the failure of islam as a societal model. We will never have to welcome South Korean refugees because South Koreans are doing a stellar job of creating and maintaining a state where it is good to live. OK, we did receive people on the run from these quarters: in the late seventies, and they were called Boat People. But that phenomenon was courtesy the left's abandonment of South Vietnam and it's subsequent communist takeover.

But the message is, or should be clear. Muslims cannot create prosperous and free societies where people, guaranteed safety, jobs and health care, are content to stay. The ultra-rich Gulf States and KSA do not count, since social unrest is warded off with petrodollars, but that is a situation that in the long term cannot last.

No, islamic states know no distinction between faith (what they call their "faith") and the state, and the results are telling: islamic states are BAD to live in - and going on WORSE.

Then there is of course Merkel's insane invitation to come to Germany - because that's what it was.

But a third factor is, naturally, Greece's complete inability to shield it's borders. If the flow of "refugees" would be stopped THERE, manu militari if needs be, then the rest of the continent would not find itself in the horrible conundrum it's currently in.

In the back of my mind I have a sneaking suspicion that part of Greece's failure to close it's borders is payback for Germany's tough stance during the debt talks of last summer. I bet most of the Greeks enjoy more than a little Schadenfreude at letting hundreds of thousands muslim good-for-nothings through.

Now, even IF Greece would really be incapable of simply closing it's borders, what about the much-vaunted pan European military units? Eurocorps anyone? For decades I have heard leftist bigwigs brag about a single European Army (strong on HQ and weak on actual military hardware, for sure). Where is it?

Because that is the key to solving the crisis.

Instead of providing accommodation for millions of "refugees" in transit and at the places of dispersal, which will have the inevitable result of simply attracting MORE of them, all Europe needs to do is send multinational EU troops to Greece and seal the borders. Mission accomplished.

Any serious EU politician should ask himself this: has a Europe that is not even capable of preventing as yet unarmed assailants from entering it's territory even a right to proclaim it is a 'superpower'? Because that's how the cohorts of profiteers around Juncker, Schulze, Tusk, Verhofstadt et al consider their 'project'.


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