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Clarice Feldman's "Western Civilization: the final frontier", over at American Thinker, is a must-read:

"Remember the emotional gambits used to sell ObamaCare? I do. I still laugh at the nonsensical stupidity of some of them -- like appealing to our heartstrings with examples like the woman who claimed she’d been forced to wear her dead sister’s dentures. Or Sandra Fluke’s soulful appeal for her coed friends who didn’t have a spare $9 a month for birth control pills.

Fall for tales like this in haste. Repent at leisure.

The president has just rewritten ObamaCare regulations to now require insurers cover (very expensive) transgender operations.

These coverage provisions -- instead of the major medical coverage for serious illnesses most of us would prefer were we given a choice -- continue to drive up the cost of mandatory medical insurance.(Maryland’s Care First, for example, just announced an up to 26% rate increase.)

At the same time Britain’s NHS (one of the left’s hallowed models of a single-payer plan) is denying efficacious cancer medications to those who need it on the grounds the medication is too expensive. Should the tacked-on mandatory coverage provisions increase here, we can either deposit all our GNP into covering healthcare costs or watch as the less politically connected sufferers die of treatable ailments. Money really doesn’t grow on trees.

Just maybe if a then-Democrat Congress had asked themselves whether the people they represent wanted cancer treatment coverage or pills for Flukes and sex-change operations, their choice would have been different.

Fiscal lunacy on the part of government is nothing new. Neither is corruption as the unfolding Hillary email scandal underlines.

What is particularly appalling about the ill-informed Western elites is how their policies are practically ensuring the end of Western Civilization. They refuse to acknowledge the need for border security --sovereignty -- and allow, if not encourage the wholesale influx of third-world immigrants (who do not wish to assimilate) into states with generous welfare policies.

This week’s heart tug was the picture of a young drowned child whose Syrian family had tried to sail from Turkey to Greece to escape the mayhem there. Understandably, it hurt. But the crisis was created in no small part by the administration’s grandiose notions of an Arab Spring, a notion that has destabilized the entire Middle East. It was exacerbated by the dimwit policies of a largely borderless Europe addicted to multiculturalism and generous welfare schemes.

An article on by a man of Armenian descent whose own family history includes ruthless Turkish genocide, sets it forth clearly:

- But back to the central point, why, then, if America sheltered my family, must the West turn back the refugees of Syria, of Somalia, of Libya?

- Because they bring the source of infection with them. Armenians had managed, through some strength I sometimes find difficult to fully grasp, to hang on to their European culture and Christian religion through millennia of conflict with Islam. They had stubbornly resisted assimilation into Islam and its ideals. These refugees, for all that my heart yearns to give them sanctuary and a place to escape to, nonetheless carry Islam with them.

- There are good Muslims in the world, and I want to make this clear. My own family lived only because an Ottoman official warned my great-grandfather that genocide was coming. This man, whose name I cannot remember -- something that genuinely pains me, for my grandfather died when I was young and his stories are almost dream-like to me, now -- paid for the ticket to America for my family, for English language lessons, and everything else needed to escape before it was too late.

- I hope that I will meet this good and righteous man in the life to come. I hope God saw fit to accept him into His kingdom.

- But Islam nonetheless is a contagion, even if some maintain a stubborn moral immunity to the infection. Where Islam goes, this violence will follow. You will never save all the little boys, you will never stop the slaughter. All you will do is bring it to your own shores.

- And if there is something I know for certain, it is that my ancestors did not escape Islam only to see their descendants fight it again, once more in their own homes.

Not one of the rich Gulf States has offered to take in a single Syrian refugee. The U.S., which already spends one billion dollars a year on refugee resettlement and countless more in welfare benefits, is being asked to take in more of these refugees. This would further burden those already at the bottom of the labor market.

Either the West turns them away or it ceases to exist. It’s that simple. The EU and the U.S. had the chance to fight on foreign soil or accept an invasion of their own lands, and chose poorly. Their choice now is to refuse social welfare benefits, scratch multiculturalism, and require assimilation instead of kowtowing to demands for disparate treatment, or die.

This result is not one unforeseen. Over four decades ago, this development was foreseen among others by Jean Raspail, a French author, of The Camp of the Saints, a novel of Europe being overrun by refugees from the Third World. The left’s favorite hate group designator, the Southern Poverty Law Center, attacked the author, the book, and its publishers. “The book is a racist fantasy about an invasion of France and the white Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees, "a haunting and prophetic vision,"SPLC says, "of Western Civilization overrun by a burgeoning Third World population."

Some fantasy. At the moment about 300,000 immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa have poured into Europe:

More than 300,000 people have crossed into Europe by sea -- most of them from Libya to Italy or from Turkey to Greece -- and 2,600 have died in the attempt. Thirty to 40 drowned Friday after a boat carrying more than 120 Somalis, Sudanese and Nigerians deflated off the coast of Libya.

The migrants who manage to get to Greece must then begin a difficult trek across Macedonia and Serbia before sneaking into Hungary in hopes of getting, eventually, to preferred destinations like Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, which are prosperous, offer the chance for jobs and have been more welcoming than other nation..."

Perhaps no better example of the spineless, deluded and morally corrupt Euro "elites" can be found than the Belgian leader of the liberal ALDE fraction in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt. On September 3, following the appearance of the photos of the drowned boy Aylan, De Standaard quoted him as follows: "Wat een falen van Europa". ("How Europe is failing"). "We are still not capable to find a fitting answer to this drama":

 photo verhofstadt_fool_3_zpsgdrjhvok.jpg

We have met this shameless attention whore, this gravedigger of Europe's future, before. I do not recall it anymore, but in the past I may have mentioned that Verhofstadt in 2004, while then still Belgian PM, was instrumental in avoiding every mention of God or Europe's Judeo-Christian traditions in the European Constitution. He was punished nicely because his insistence to leave Christianity out probably cost him the job of President of the European Commission:

 photo poettering_zpspo0lgweb.jpg

Verhofstadt was also the man who some ten years back objected to calls from the opposition to send more troops to help secure Afghanistan, stating: "We zijn daar al massaal aanwezig", meaning "We are already present there in massive numbers". At the time, there were a mere... 600 Belgian troops dispersed from North to South afghanistan, but with so many caveats regarding their deployment they could just as well have been stationed on the North Sea. There were also four to six F-16's operating from Kandahar, but they were under strict orders NOT TO USE THEIR WEAPONS (to be sure, nothing more could be expected with a hardcore Parti Socialiste hack, André Flahaut, as Minister of Defense). So much for "being massively present" - Mr Verhofstadt has made a career out of juggling words.

But perhaps his most loathsome moment came when, following his tenure as chairman of a parliamentary enquiry mission investigating the deaths of some ten Belgian para peacekeepers in Rwanda in 1994, he flew to that country in 2000 to adress a number of Rwandese officials, including then-president Paul Kagame.

 photo verhofstadt_fool_1_zpsi8ehpzto.jpg

Verhofstadt.... offered his excuses for the Rwandan genocide! The transcript above reads: "In the name of my people I bow my head for the victims..."

 photo verhofstadt_fool_2_zpszlrwycez.jpg

"... of the genocide. And in the name of my people I ask therefore for forgiveness."

In all likelihood, Paul Kagame may actually have been strongly involved in the plot to down the plane of Rwanda's president in 1994, Cyprien Habyarimana - which was in fact the event that triggered the genocide. In any case, the evidence supporting this thesis, brought forward by amongst others French investigating magistrate Jean-Louis Brugière, was strong enough to cause serious tensions between Paris and Kigali in 2006, resulting in the temporary severing of diplomatic ties.

But the main point however, is that we see here a prime example of liberal white guilt.

We did not kill 800,000 Rwandans.

Westerners did not kill 800,000 Rwandans.

It was RWANDANS who killed 800,000 Rwandans.

We must STOP taking responsibility for the irresponsibility of other races, faiths, and cultures.

A message that anno 2015 is however still completely lost to this asshat Guy Verhofstadt, who, as we have seen:

* blocked the inclusion of a mere reference to Christianity in the European Constitution ...
* refused to send extra Belgian troops to Afghanistan to help our Allies, ...
* three years back enthusiastically lauded the election of what should be a natural political enemy, the socialist François Hollande, as president of France ...
* asked for forgiveness for close to a million Rwandans butchering themselves ...

TODAY, this asshat asks AGAIN that we should take responsibility for the mayhem others cause to themselves, in this case resulting in a tsunami of refugees from muslim countries invading Europe! He is claiming loud and clear "that Europe has failed"!!!

NO Mr. Verhofstadt, Europe has not failed. At least not in this matter.

The ISLAMIC WORLD has failed. ISLAM has failed. Islam as a SOCIETAL MODEL has failed, and CONTINUES to fail, in a grotesque and grandiose manner.

We cannot be held anymore responsible for the in islam inherent pathologies leading to muslim countries being constantly in conflict, and constantly ruining the lives of their inhabitants, than that we can be held responsible for ebb and flow.


It may sound harsh, but the only sensible thing Europe can do is shield off its borders and HALT the refugees there. That's No. 1. The second thing to do is hold muslim countries responsible for their own mayhem. And urging the super rich Gulf states and KSA to take them in would be the most logical thing to take the refugees out of the immediate danger zones, but don't count on the lunatics à la Verhofstadt to even contemplate the idea.

Importing millions of muslims fleeing the carnage for which their belief system is directly responsible, is sheer and utter madness, and will, and this can be stated with mathematical certainty, ultimately lead to Europe's own violent and bloody demise.


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