Wednesday, August 26, 2015


With all the mayhem of Europe's immigrant invasion, the US with similar problems along its southern border, Russia's ever more brazenly sabre-rattling, China's financial conundrums afflicting the rest of the planet etc, it would be easy to miss the following story. Yet it deserves scrutiny because it's a fine study in microcosm of muslim stealth jihad - which, I have come to believe, is actually worse than armed jihad.

Our buddies at Gates of Vienna (PBUGOV) posted the following video, which shows exerpts from a testimony in favor of a proposed Bill for the Provincial Assembly in Quebec, Bill 59 to be exact. That "Bill" would effectively implement UN Resolution 16/18 and boil down to enforcing sharia-based Islamic blasphemy laws in Canada's French-speaking part.

Watch an imam named Salman Elmenyawi pleading for passing Bill 59 before the Commission des Institutions at the National Assembly in Quebec City, and don't miss the very end of this clip. Like the Baron said, "Some people say that Mr. Elmenyawi made a “veiled threat” against Quebec, but to my mind, it’s about as veiled as Miley Cyrus" ... "If you don’t pass this bill, daddy-o, you gonna run into a little Muslim trouble, dig?”

GoV reader Sassy did the translation, and the indispensable Vlad Tepes the subtitling:

THINK about it.

Salman Elmenyawi has openly advocates the death penalty for those who leave islam, favors stoning for sharia trespassers...

... in the eighties he was the proprietor of a small company specializing in sales of electronic equipment and alarm systems. Canada's highest police authority, in Quebec named La Gendarmerie Royale du Canada, accused him of illegally exporting sensitive electronics to Pakistan, amongst others very specific inverters and condensors used in installations that can enrich uranium (!).

He has also stated emphatically that, were Canada to implement limitations on wearing the veil like in France, he "was ready to fight" - in the litteral sense.

Today, this bearded ape is urging before a Canadian Assembly that a bill should be passed which would make criticism of islam illegal.

WHEN ARE PEOPLE FINALLY GOING TO WAKE UP and send these assholes packing?


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