Saturday, July 11, 2015


Via TownHall, Katie's column addresses the suffering of parents whose children were murdered by illegal aliens - and how the government's insane open border policy is responsible for that.

"When Kate Steinle was killed in the sanctuary city of San Francisco last week by an illegal alien who had been deported five times with seven felonies on his record, I pointed out that unfortunately her case isn't an isolated incident. Thanks to open border, anti-interior immigration enforcement policies and a lack of immigration law enforcement , violent criminal aliens are walking the streets of America right now and they've taken many innocent lives along the way.

Last night on Hannity, parents whose children have been killed by illegal aliens spoke out about their own personal hell created by a failed government system.

"To me what matters is that my only child, my son Dominic, is no longer with me. And it's not because he drove carelessly and did anything wrong, it was because he was on his way to work on his motorcycle and a guy who has been here for eight years committing many crimes, including felony armed robbery, two DUIs, decided the law doesn't apply to him because there were no consequences before," Sabine Durden said. "I've been fighting about this for years. I know other families who have been fighting this and its been swept under the rug for years."

"Our lives will never be the same, he was my only child," she continued.

"It's government that did this. It's cherry picking laws because you're trying to import votes or you're trying to import cheap labor, it doesn't matter, the laws are being cherry picked and there's consequences for that and my son paid for that," Dan Golvach said about his son, who was shot in the head by an illegal alien (who had been deported four times with a violent criminal record) while parked at a red light. "He blew my son's brains out. It didn't end there because he moved down the road and shot another young man...then he shot a couple."

"I'm looking at this and thinking and listening to all of these other stories and thinking the lenience that our government is showing these illegals is costing innocent American lives," Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son was killed by an illegal alien going the wrong way on the freeway while drunk, said."

RNC Chairman (and Ueber Wimp) Reince Priebus reportedly talked wiht Donald Trump on the phone for an hour or so, advising him to tone it down. I'm no fan of Trump, not at all, but at least he's telling it like it is.

That the fucking scoundrel and horrible abomination who has the audactity to call himself POTUS, aka Barack Obama, chooses to remain silent now, that's something I understand.

That the GOP establishment is doing the same, is utterly disgusting.

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Kate Steinle, and so many others, rest in peace. God bless.


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