Saturday, July 04, 2015


Heavy riots since about one week in the Schilderwijk, a triangle-shaped area in The Hague, The Netherlands. This predominantly muslim neighborhood, also dubbed the 'Sharia Triangle' in which last year ISIS-flags were flown at rallies, has been simmering with unrest for some time, but wat ignited the powder keg was the death of an Antillian immigrant by the name of Mitch Henriquez. One week ago, during a local festival not far from Schilderswijk, Henriquez ran amok and shouted to police that he was armed. Five officers were needed to subdue him. It is still not clear how this happened, but the man died by choking during the brush. Maybe the police are partly to blame for being somewhat hard-handed, what is clear though is that Henriquez would still be alive if he had behaved like a normal citizen - i.e. not hurling insults at police while threatening you are armed, and not fighting them as they try to put handcuffs on or whatever.

That is one thing.

The other thing is that the incident was used by antifa thugs to spark even more unrest, and the area has for several consecutive nights been in turmoil, with extensive damage being done to state-owned infrastructure, banks etc. As of July 4, some 200 rioters have been arrested:

 photo riots_the hague_zpsk5qwidku.jpg

 photo riots_the hague2_zpskxbrlpbn.jpg

But it is the latest development that is of most interest here, because in the name of restoring order the authorities have apparently accepted the help of muslim vigilantes in Schilderswijk. Dutch site GeenStijl reports that around 80 what it calls 'Sharia Police' acted as a buffer between Police and rioters.

 photo shariapolice_schilderswijk_zpskdinorb0.jpg

This should definitely not be seen as a positive development, for it signals the ceding of authority to a parallel police force.

Several conclusions can be drawn from the whole episode:

a.) Multiculturalism is a catastrophic failure. You cannot integrate foreign groups if they radically denounce the local mores, mores which pre-multiculturalism made The Netherlands a very wealthy and safe nation. We are talking about such typical Dutch traits as labor ethic, respect for the law, their famous frugality (granted, not always a boon), the desire (sometimes obsession) to keep everything tidy and clean etc. Antillians are immigrants from the Dutch Antilles, most of them couldn't give a rat's ass about those age-old Dutch values. It is therefore no surprise that crime rates among them are the highest of all immigrant populations, higher even than among Moroccans (who are no. 2).

b.) Conflicts between immigrants and police invariable attract the attention of extreme leftist racaille hellbent on stoking the flames of unrest even higher. The merest brush with the authorities will result in the presence of antifa thugs in nothing flat, because it is one more occasion to confront the police. In their twisted worldview, order has to be disturbed, infrastructure has to be demolished. The old 'Things have to be razed down in order to make a new and better society' trope.

c.) The turmoil is exploited by muslims to assert power. Indeed, the havoc wrought by Antillian, Moroccan and antifa thugs is a godsend for the Sharia Triangle's parallel police force to "prove" their usefulness in "restoring order". The gullible idiots in The Hague's City Council, mayor Van Aartsen up front, actually see this as a positive development. In reality, it will in time lead to a 'no go zone' for the real Police.

This entire mess can be laid almost exclusively at the feet of leftism: insane open border policies, abandonment of conservative values, white guilt, socialist dogmas...

... these are the bitter fruits.

And this is only the beginning.


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