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Exhibit 1

Belgian "quality" daily De Standaard gleefully reminds us that as of June 2015, more than half of butchers in Brussels Capital Region are halal.

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"Brussels Capital Region [give and take 1.2 million inhabitants - MFBB] currently counts 256 independent butchers [i.e. not counted are those in super- and hypermarkets - MFBB]. Of those, more than half do not offer pork meat or derivations, but meat prepared according to islamic guidelines. 141 butchers in the capital have the halal label, that's 55 per cent, according to La Dernière Heure.

The numbers come from the Brussels regional agency Atrium. The halal butchers are situated mainly in Molenbeek, a part of Anderlecht and Schaarbeek and in Sint-Gillis."

De Standaard helpfully adds:

"The halal butchers serve non-muslims too. Meat is often cheaper than the meat from traditional butchers."

Exhibit 2.


"In the Brussels commune of Sint-Agatha-Berchem, police every Friday closes off a street so that local muslims can say their prayers. The reason: the adjacent Al Inaba mosque cannot take anymore the number of faithful. Them poor poor poor muslims must make do with the Hubert Blauwet street right around the corner. "For safety reasons", police has decided to block off the street during prayers.

And that's how it goes. Before long some local politician, presumably of the Parti Socialiste, will discover this appalling situation and come to the conclusion that there is but one solution: to build a bigger mosque with taxpayer dough. Infidel taxpayer dough, to be sure.

Exhibit 3.

In the town of Aalst, some twenty-five kloms west of Brussels, the chief of the "Groendienst", say Park Maintenance, opines that Aalst should levy a tax on lawns. Via HLN Online:

"Bart Backaert, Head of Park Maintenance in Aalst, proposes a "lawn tax". "Lawns are less good for nature than most people think" he says. "All of Flanders is built over and a large percentage of the remaining green consists of private gardens. There's a lot of nature to be saved there, but then we have to manage our gardens in a different way. Eighty to a hundred per cent of our gardens are grassfields, but these are green deserts. A honeybee, butterfly or beetle does not find food in them and starves. On top of all that, it requires work [leftists in general and ecolunatics in particular are allergic for the word "work" - MFBB]: some people mow their lawn twice a week and pour poisonous pesticides on them. That lawnmower emits CO2, not to mention the noise". Therefore Backaert says that the town should impose a tax on lawns. "Evading the tax is very easy: simply transform your lawn into an ecological paradise, a garden full of flowers or a copse of wood with fruit trees. I do not advocate a complete elimination of lawns. Children must be able to play in the garden. But we are far too much indoctrinated into thinking that a garden is only beautiful with a nicely trimmed lawn".

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No asshole, we are not too much "indoctrinated" into thinking that a garden is only beautiful with a nicely trimmed lawn. If anything, we are (far) too much indoctrinated that human CO2 emissions actually matter, courtesy legions of green fanatics like you with dark inhuman fantasies in grisly corners of their minds. Beware of fellas who are more smitten by beetles or, for that matter, earthworms, than by humans. People like well-trimmed lawns because they are to a garden what well-groomed hair is to a head - a kindergarten lesson you obviously flunked btw. I suppose that indeed beetles, butterflies, spiders and stuff prefer hedges over lawns, but don't worry, your average garden is bordered by hedges, flower- and treelines, bushes and what not, and that's where them l'il beasties can breathe, defecate, copulate, have a BBQ, read a Rachel Carson book, whatever. I am not a Park Maintenance honcho, but there's something I know re the creepy crawlers and that's apparently terra incognita knowledge for our green lunatic Mr Backaert. Via The Globe and Mail:

"... This online resource tells us that there are an estimated 10 quintillion insects on Earth. That’s 10 followed by 18 zeros. Taking the Earth’s human population at seven billion, that means there are 1,428,571,428.57 insects for every person on the planet. Let’s round it out to say there are about 1.4 billion insects for every human. (Incidentally, this doesn’t include spiders, because they’re arachnids, not insects.)

This got us wondering about approximately how much humanity is outweighed by all those little critters. So we did the following, very rough calculation: Assuming the weight of an average insect is 3 milligrams (as is the case with ants) and the average weight of a person is 60 kilograms, then the weight of the world’s insect population is about 70 times that of its human population."

So converting our lawns into urban jungles WON'T - MAKE - ANY - SIGNIFICANT - DIFFERENCE for the planet's insect population, there are more than enough already, got that, you fool?

What will make a difference is the ump-ump-ump-umpteenth tax hike our moral betters are planning to visit on us, because make no mistake, every single foolishness concocted by our red and green ecoguerillas invariably starts with letting up little balloons, if possible by gullible minions like Bart Backaert, so as to minimize the risk of negative fallout for the next elections. I suppose that it's the same in towns and cities the world over, can't change that, but people in positions like Backaert almost invariably thank their job to some services paid to local politician so-and-so, that's how municipal elections work.

And for God's sake, I can live with that.

What annoys me is that I'm sure that there's right now some members of the Aalst City Council who harbor wet dreams of introducing yet another tax. The idea may have come from Backaert, but you know how it goes. "Jeminy Bart, what a swell idea!!! Them Formica pratensis and stag beetles definitely need more Lebensraum! You know what, float it, we'll get some friendly reporter to publish an article on it so that people get warmed up to the idea!"

Outlaw Mike loves nature. I sure do. It's not that I don't see the valuable input of your average natural conservation organization.

But the green movement as a whole has been hijacked by ecolunatics with a socialist syllabus.

Either way - that's what's happening in Belgium right now. The islamization of our country is in full swing. Meanwhile, the dwindling autochton population is fooled into believing that the real danger facing us is too many lawns.


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