Wednesday, February 25, 2015


In all likelihood, today, February 2015, the Austrian Parliament will pass the new Islamic Law, which will replace the existing law of 1912.

Via our brothers-in-arms at Gates of Vienna, Christian Zeitz of the Wiener Akademikerbund on Austria's new islamic law:


"...But it is also a fact that the real Islamisation in Austria is not taking place in the legally recognised Religious Community [Religionsgemeinschaft], the so-called IGGiÖ (Islamic Faith Community in Austria, Die islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich), but is happening currently in the 460 mosque associations, which are also frequently organised along ethnic lines and ordered in accordance with the provenance of the immigrants: there are Bosnian associations, there are Chechen associations, there are associations which come from the Arabian region, and Pakistan; — and of course they [the mosque associations] evade every state control. In addition, they are either connected with the Islamic faith Community [IGGiÖ] through a small formal relationship, or they are not connected at all with this official representative body of the Muslims in Austria.

The representative body for Muslims in Austria, (The Islamic Faith Community, [IGGiÖ]), assumes for Muslims no de facto responsibility for what transpires in these mosques, from the most wide-ranging forms of radical activity, to recruitment of ISIS fighters and jihadists; and it has been of concern to ensure that this Islam Act prevents the working of foreign influence which favours radicalisation.

For years, the Association of Vienna Academics [Wiener Akademikerbund ]has been publicly advocating for a law to be put in place here which secures religious peace in the country and which takes into account the interests of the autochthonous population. On the other hand, the Muslims, who meanwhile have very good political contacts at their disposal, have now been pushing to broaden the scope of their own privileges by means of the new Islam Act. At issue is their wish, at all costs, to have their own faculty at the university, where Islamic theology is taught; at issue is their wish to ensure that their devotees in prisons, hospitals and in schools are supported within the system, especially by way of religious officials whom they expect to be in the pay of the state; at issue is their wish to enforce halal food in public institutions, that is, food must be provided which from their perspective is pure, which corresponds to Koranic concepts and dietary prescriptions; putting it all together, what is at issue is their wish to secure for themselves a greater standing in the public sphere.

These privileges have been addressed by the Austrian Federal government in the draft [of the Islam Act]. The question of disclosure of basic faith tenets and the question of the prohibition of funding by foreign institutions have also been thoroughly accommodated in a formal sense. However, due to serious legislative weakness, an enforcement of these two requirements is impossible, since it is not feasible to compel associations, the mosque associations just mentioned, to disclose their basic tenets of faith or to ensure that they forego foreign financing. In other words, this law, if it is now enacted, will be a law of accommodation for the Islamic sector in Austria. In future, Islam’s capabilities will proliferate rampantly, and in a legal manner from within its associations..."

There are echoes of the situation in Belgium here, with the main difference that muslims here don't even have to push to be included in the educational system themselves - it is handed to them on a silver platter, see the recent lunatic statements made by Lieven Boeve, head honcho of catholic education in Belgium.

At some point, the quislings will have to pay - and pay dearly.


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Leo Norekens said...

"...the quislings will have to pay - and pay dearly".

Hmmm. Remember Winston C.: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last."