Friday, January 16, 2015


About twenty minutes last night after learning that Federal Police had rolled up an islamic terror cell in Verviers, East Belgium, the De Standaard newspaper ran a story featuring the Verviers imam, a relatively recent convert by the name of Franck Amin Hensch. Mr Hensch was dumfounded by the news and was at great pains to assure us all that the jihadis were but a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny minority in Verviers, that the bishop of Liège had just visited his Assahaba mosque and that relations were SWELL and so on and so on, and yada yada yada.

The article is in the paying section right now, and since I'm unwilling to fund a leftist rag of lunatic world-betterers I refrained from picking it up again today.

OK. Reality check.

Check out the following document issued by the University of Ghent regarding islamic cultural enrichment in Verviers:

"Located one block down the street from a prior Al-Aqsa Belgium address in Verviers is a
complex of Islamic facilities tied to Al-Aqsa Belgium and the Belgian Muslim Brotherhood. A newspaper
article on the Hodimont complex traces its origin to an unidentified Islamic association that had been in
operation since at least 1993.57 According to that article, the building housing the complex is an
abandoned tannery built in 1936 and bought in 2001 at a cost of 200,000 Euros, financed from the
proceeds of an inheritance that specified the establishment of a mosque. As of January 2005, Hodimont Complex
the 6000 m2 space was reported to include Internet facilities, a cafeteria, Arabic language classes, youth and women’s committees, and a mosque that occupies the largest amount of space.58 The mosque may have been known earlier as Mosquée As Salem but is now called Mosquée Assahaba.59 60 Attendance has been put at over 1,300 for Friday prayers of which
25% were reported to be women. As of October 2007, Belgian documents refer to Yahya Lamaalaoui as the Imam for the mosque, with an address down the street from addresses associated with probable El Hajjaji family members. 61
In addition to the mosque, there are at least two other organizations operating from the complex. The first is known as the Complex éducatif et Culturel Islamique de Verviers (CECIV). CECIV was established in May 2004 as a successor to the unidentified association mentioned above and its constitution specifies Islamic youth and social purposes including
cultural, sport, educational, and festival activities.62 The original officers of CECIV were Hassan Swaid (President), Abdeljallil El Hajjaji, Driss El Hajjaji, Mohamed Darfoufi, and Mohamed Arabate. Hassan Swaid is German with an address in Aachen, the former location for the head office of the Al-Aqsa Foundation. In 2003, Swaid was listed as a member of the
Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland, the Muslim Brotherhood organization in....

Read further by following the link, it makes me sick to post more of it here.

Oh, and anyone of you willing to convert to mooslimism, listen to the wise recommendations of imam Franck Amin Hensch on Iqraa TV...

... which is also known as Tariq Ramadan Chain.


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