Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Two BAF fighter bombers destroyed a small modular refinery operated by ISIS in western Iraq. However, the attack took place around Christmas already, and the info around it is very scant.

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The six BAF F-16's on the Jordan AF base they are operating from.

Via Het Nieuwsblad:

"Belgian F-16 fighter bombers have, during the past week, in a nightly raid, destroyed an Iraqi oil refinery of terror group IS, according to a military source on Sunday.

The raid involved two planes and took place in the desert in Iraq's west. IS had installed a modular refinery on the spot, where fuel was being produced for the organization's vehicles.

According to the Belgian F-16 pilot, who wants to remain anonymous, early Thursday morning four laser guided 250-kg bombs were released which destroyed the target.

The pilot added that no casualties on the ground were observed, since at the time of attack the refinery was inactive."

250 kg-bombs? Laser-guided? Although the BAF also uses JDAM's, these must have been GBU-12 Paveway II's.

The good news is that our jets are apparently doing something useful. Although in the greater scheme of things, I fear attacks like these amount to little more than pinpricks. Far more planes and far more ordnance should be used.

The bad news is that we have to learn this from a pilot who wants to remain anonymous. Ergo, NOT via an official channel. Ergo, NOT via some MoD's spokesman. Ergo, the info on the Belgian Air Force's exploits against ISIS is being curtailed.

At the end of the year our planes had released around sixty bombs, or about two every three days. While a very modest tally, the strikes obtained were in all likelihood sufficiently significant to at least warrant some briefings from the MoD. Yet these have not materialized. Which seems strange, since during the first two~three weeks there were some press conferences held where the planes' missions were being detailed.

There can be only one explanation for the current radiosilence, and that is that some jackasses in the government have urged the MoD not to tout successes against ISIS. ISIS support on Belgian social network sites frequented by muslims is large. Are the cowards in government afraid to ruffle the delicate sensitivities of our muslim "compatriots"? Are they scared too much publicity may induce ISIS terrorists to some payback on our soil (as the jihadis offed in Verviers were obviously planning)? Or both?

Probably the latter. Memo to these cowards: if you dare not say out loud that Belgian bombs take out islamic terrs in the desert of Iraq because you're afraid of the reactions of our supposedly well-integrated followers of the prophet (may piss, crap, vomit and menstruation blood be showered upon him in prodigious quantities), then you have a serious problem with that part of our population.

But keep stickin your head in the sand, idiots.


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