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Who is the long blonde woman in the centre?

 photo anke_vandermeersch_zps71eb0570.jpg

Well, it's Anke Vandermeersch, a leading lady of the Vlaams Belang and a Senator for our party since 2003. She's a former Miss Belgium, though one with brains, as she's a lawyer and specialist in international fiscal judicial matters by formation. Like her male counterpart in the VB, Filip Dewinter, she's always in the frontlines when it comes to highlight the frightening islamization of our country. Since she's a woman, her campaigns often focus on the dreadful future that awaits her sex once islam will have made irreversible inroads into our once free society. She is also a co-founder of the organization Vrouwen Tegen Islamisering - VTI (Women Against Islamization), and in the past VTI made some headlines already with a couple of remarkable campaigns - more on that later.

 photo VTI_vrijheid_of_islam_zpsc0000254.jpg

The ad above is from VTI's website, and this is the latest campaign Mrs. Vandermeersch lent her support to. The campaign, under the slogan Vrijheid of Islam [Freedom or Islam - MFBB] laments the ever growing number of incidents whereby women in Antwerp are insulted by muslims when venturing out on the streets in attire the followers of the prophet deem unchaste. On the close-up above you see a couple of legs - yes, they are Mrs. Vandermeersch's legs - with the scale muslims in Antwerp - and throughout the world, no doubt - use when classifying women. The soles of the shoes are 'Sharia compliant' - read, it's how muslim males view a woman's place in society. Just under the ankles you can read 'Gematigde islam' - 'moderate islam'. Showing an ankle is a provocation. A woman who bares her calves is a slut. If her skirt reveals her knees she's a whore. A couple of inches higher up? Justifies rape. And if she's wearing a bikini, well, showing that much bare flesh is sufficient reason to stone her.

Said Anke Vandermeersch at the launch of the campaign: "In islam a woman is considered inferior. THE symbol par excellence is obliging her to wear certain clothing. 'Whore' and 'slut' are terms we get called when we are walking the streets in Antwerp. We object to that'. 'We', means 'Vrouwen tegen islamisering' [VTI, Women against islamization - MFBB].

Barely had Senator Vandermeersch gotten her campaign underway however, when French shoedesigner Christian Louboutin, the manufacturer of the high pumps Mrs. Vandermeersch is wearing in the photograph, threatened to sue her and VTI for... damaging the image of Louboutin shoes.

 photo louboutin_against_vb_campaign_zps8e1b0744.jpg

This is a screenshot of the Het Laatste Nieuws article dealing with the subject. The caption reads 'Shoe manufacturer Louboutin wants to forbid VB-campaign.'

The photo below shows Louboutin with Blake Lively wearing one of his 'creations'.

 photo Christian-Louboutin-and-Blake-Lively_zps49323279.jpg

Once again, upon reading this story, I had a déjà vu. This is definitely not the first time VB campaigns are being stalled in their tracks for the sole reason that anything having to do with the VB is suspect - courtesy a decadelong barrage of outright lies and defamation by the regime media in Belgium. The dreadful result is that people who should know better immediately react hysterically when their organization, products, ideas or whatever are somehow linked to the Vlaams Belang - and this despite the fact that basically the VB has since a long time become a totally respectable political movement, generating many sensible law proposals. Ironically, quite a few of these have over the years been silently signed into law by the politically correct parties, although the phrase 'give credit where credit is due' has not reached our shores yet. The Vlaams Belang is still treated like a political pariah in Belgium; voter fatigue, its insistence on the unattainable goal of Flemish Independence, and the emergence of a sexier 'VB-lite' party, the NVA, has gnawed seriously at its strenght. However, the VB is still the only party of some weight to seriously make a stand against the creeping islamization of our country. Mr Louboutin, who is openly gay, should acknowledge this. If ever islam gets to rule in the west - God forbid - then dark days will have arrived for him and his partner Louis Benech, a landscape architect.

But no; he prefers to howl with the wolves in the forest. From east to west, in our insane world, anything that's genuinely Conservative in the Western sense, read Burkean Conservative, is treated with sheer and utter contempt and outright hostility as if the ideas and ideals of said movement are somehow inhuman and not worthy of serious dialogue. The likes of Mr Louboutin would never object to a 21st century version of Imelda Marcos wearing his creations, and Dennis Rodman has no qualms of visiting a murderous gnome like Kim-Jong-Un, but a female politican of the Vlaams Belang on Louboutin pumps? The horror!

As if Louboutin's insistence on Vandermeersch and her movement stopping their campaign and destroying the photographic material was not enough, barely one day later our newspapers gleefully ran the story of yet another one threatening with a lawsuit against the VB Senator:

 photo rosea_lake_hln_zps538599f0.jpg

A Canadian student in graphic design at a Vancouver university, Rosea Lake, got wind of VTI's campaign, found it sufficiently resembling her own 'work' 'Judgements' and was reportedly so aghast at the alleged plagiarism that she threatened to sue Vandermeersch if she did not stop the 'Vrijheid of Islam' right away. Het Laatste Nieuws reported that Lake would fly over from Canada this very week to confront Van dermeersch in court.

Here is a comparison of the two photos:

 photo judgments_vrijheidofislam_zps7fcf8da7.jpg

And here is Rosea Lake. Why am I not surprised at her androgynous look?

 photo rosea_lake_zps4b5a76a0.jpg

The Huffington Post had this to write regarding 'Judgements':

Prudish. Flirty. Whore. Proper. Cheeky. Slut. These are just a few of the words that could be used to describe a woman's sexual behavior based on her appearance alone, and 18-year-old college freshman Rosea Lake chose to display them starkly -- on a young woman's legs in a photo that has since gone viral. (Scroll down to see the image.)

Lake, who studies graphic design and illustration at Capilano University in Vancouver, never thought she'd become an Internet sensation when she posted her "Judgments" photo project to her Tumblr on January 5th. But something about the picture struck a chord with those who saw it, and within 24 hours the image had been re-blogged 100,000 times.

The photo, which the student took as part of an AP high school art class last year, depicts the back of her friend Ali MacKenzie's legs, Lake told The Huffington Post. Horizontal lines are drawn up her leg, reflecting various skirt lengths, and next to each line is a description. Lake labelled the longest skirt length "matronly" and the shortest "whore."

Lake got the idea for the photo from looking at graduated cylinders in her science class, she told The Huffington Post. "[I wanted to] take the idea of impersonal, supposedly objective, measurement of things and put it on something that we do measure, but we don't talk about," she said. "We measure women the same way we measure water in cylinders, but no one says it because it's mean."

Lake also expressed that working on the photo project forced her to reassess her own judgments about other women. "I used to assume that all women who wore Hijabs were being oppressed ... and look down on and judge any woman who didn’t express her sexuality in a way that I found appropriate," she wrote on her Tumblr. "I’d like to think I’m more open now."

One everlasting hallmark of people on the left is their astonishing ability to look at a given societal issue and connect hyperbolic conclusions to it which in fact assume a causality as far removed as possible from the real reasons and mechanisms behind the issue. E.g., in Belgium there's a lot of hyperbole going on among our leftist do-gooders about dramatically rising poverty levels, especially in the big cities. Therefore the government must step in! What they do not acknowledge is that the leftist policies of the same government(s) have in fact ensured a steady influx of hundreds of thousands third worlders, the great majority of them muslims. Then OF COURSE importing on a massive scale households consisting of a father with at best a mediocre labor ethic and minimal skills, a mother who is not allowed by her husband to work outdoors, and a bunch of children, will invariably raise average poverty levels!!!

In this related case Lake does not (yet) offer a solution. Having been schooled myself in logical reasoning, I am actually at a loss at understanding her 'logic' in the above explanation. On the one hand she seems to take offense at other people, supposedly men, who judge women by their clothing (or the lack thereof). Given the fact that in general western males' (dare I say white males? I dare) first reaction to a bit of female flesh is rather elation at a chance to helping yourself to an eyeful rather than scorn and calling names, we must assume that Lake, using terms such as 'slut' and 'whore', must have picked them up from a category of males whose first reaction IS using these terms - muslim males.

Take myself for example, a mean rightwing bastard. Each year I welcome the arrival of summer for it offers numerous occasions to peek in a gazillion of décolletés (of course, Rule No. 1 is Never Be Caught). What kind of a dork would I be if my reaction at a beautiful woman letting the world around her partake in some sensuality would be to call her a slut and a whore? You have, of course, women who do dress up like sluts. They are called 'vulgar'. But generally speaking, that's not how I would describe most of the women wearing halter tops or belle soleils on Blankenberge dyke in August.

So then, one would then assume that Rosea Lake would vector her anger against muslim males in particular, and against the muslim world in general, right?

Her reaction is actually the opposite, and you wonder what cogs in her head must have gotten loose, for as an 'explanation' she offers... 'I used to assume that all women who wore hijabs were being oppressed'.

What kind of a logic is that? She seems to be actually defending the muslim world here - and this while it is crystal clear that it's MUSLIM men who will first resort to name calling when women reveal skin above the ankles!!!

In Belgium, Miss Lake will receive help from a not unexpected corner. First, muslim fashion designer Rachida Aziz, upon hearing that Lake also wanted to sue Van dermeersch, offered her support and right away filed a complaint against the VB Senator at the notorious CGKR, the Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en Racismebestrijding (litterally Centre for Equal Opportunities and Fighting Racism). The CGKR is a perverse initiative by (leftist) governments past, bulking wiht hardcore leftist zealots. It is headed by Jozef De Witte, a notorious leftist asshat who never in his entire life did a genuine job and who only landed in the CGKR top seat because of his political connections (amongst others a brother who is a provincial governor). In its almost two decaded of existence the CGKR has shown clearly that vis-à-vis rightwing political movements it will show about the same neutrality as Lois Lerner's IRS towards the Tea Party, and neither has it actually proven any practical usefulness whatsoever. If anything, racism has actually increased, though not in the way the CGKR commissars would want you to believe. Anyway, here's a photo of our 'fashion designer', Madam Rachida Aziz:

 photo rachida_aziz_zps70f48602.jpg

Don't get fooled by her western dresscode. It's deceptive. It's certainly not what she models for her clientele, since, by her own admission, she 'designs clothing for muslimas who want to keep true to their traditions and faith, but at the same time don't want to stand out in western society.' Rachida Aziz, hailed by our moral betters as a 'progressive' muslima, is basically just as much an islamic supremacist as your average mooslim self-detonator. People like her are simply incapable of reaching the very simple conclusion that at the heart of the muslim world's colossal problems... is islam itself. She's a muslim 'progressive' in the way Mona Eltahawy is, the well-known Egyptian 'feminist' who, for all her supposedly tough talk about the problems the muslim world in general and her native Egypt in particular is facing... ultimately remains an incurable bigot and muslim zealot. See Eltahawy here e.g. trying to spray over one of Pamela Geller's ads put up in the NY subway:

 photo eltahawy_zps7f3be10a.jpg

Wait, check out how Miss Eltahawy interprets a concept like Freedom of Expression. Audio and video ladies and gentlemen:

Rachida Aziz, Mona Eltahawy, progressive muslims? My ass. The only truly progressive muslims are ex-muslims.

As if this islamic angle was not enough, lookie look at who's gonna be Rosea Lake's lawyer!!! A 'gentleman' by the name of Abderrahim Lahlali. Het Laatste Nieuws quoted Lahlali as: "My client [Rosea Lake - MFBB] is very upset and is heading for Belgium to directly confront Mrs. Van dermeersch".

Who is Abderrahim Lahlali? Oh, you won't get me so far as to pretend he's a 'Belgian' lawer with Moroccan roots, as newspapers like De Standaard are so eager to print. No, like our 'fashion designer' Rachida Aziz he in fact does not care himself a jolt whether he has a Belgian passport, he's first and foremost an islamic supremacist. One of his favorite quotes is 'Justice has no color', but judging by his curriculum Mr Lahlali must be colorblind then, given the kind of cases he has chosen to add to his resume:

a.) The affair Abdelkader Belliraj.

In 2008, Mr Abderrahim Lahlahi tripped over his feet to defend Abdelkader Belliraj. Now, who is Abdelkader Belliraj? On May 30, 2008 I ran the following story on this monsieur:

In early March 2008, Belgian newspapers broke the news that Abdelkader Belliraj (photo), a dangerous terrorist with dual Belgian/Moroccan citizenship, had been arrested in Morocco on February 18 on charges of involvement in an islamist terror circle. The group had links to other islamist and/or terrorist groups such as Moroccan Chabiba Islamiya (Islamic Youth), Moroccan Revolutionary Islamic Movement, the Mujahidine Movement in Morocco, Al Haraka Min Ajli Al Umma (Movement for the Ummah) etc etc. What has this all to do with Belgium? Simple. It appears that Belliraj had been on the payroll of the Belgian State Security for twenty years. In Morocco, Belliraj confessed to six murders he carried out in Belgium between 1986 and 1989. The first was a certain Raoul Schouppe, a grocer who held shop in the neighborhood of Brussels South Station. Belliraj, who frequented this shop, killed Schouppe "because he looked Jewish". Another victim was a 53-year old gay man, Marc Bille, who had apparently tried to proposition Belliraj. The victim's body, with a shot under the ear, was found in Braine-le-Chateau in Walloon Brabant. Then it was the turn of Abdullah al-Ahdal, the rector of the Grand Mosque in the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels, and his secretary, Tunisian-born Salim el-Beher. They were considered too liberal for Belliraj since they had criticized the fatwa issued by Khomeini over Salman Rushdie, author of 'The Satanic Verses'. They were shot in the head on March 30, 1989. Later that year, on October 3, Belliraj murdered 48-year old Joseph Wybran, the president of the co-ordination committee of Jewish organisations in Belgium (CCOJB) and head of the immunology department at Erasme Hospital in Anderlecht, Brussels. Around the same time, Belliraj killed number 4, said to be the Egyptian chauffeur to the Saudi ambassador in Brussels. Belliraj's motif for the murder: the lukewarm reaction of Saudi Arabia to Khomeinis's Rushdie fatwa. Apparently Belliraj was already an informant of the Belgian State Security while he carried out some of these murders. Following Belliraj's arrest in Morocco, Belgian police interrogated his landlord, Brahim L. Brahim L. rented Belliraj a comfortable house (photo) in Evergem, in the province of East Flanders. The landlord, who is a koranic teacher in Ghent, denies any knowldge about Mr. Bellirajs activities. By contrast, Chakib Benmoussa, Moroccan Interior Minister, said that it was obvious that Belgian authorities "knew about" Abdelkader Belliraj and his activities. He claimed that Belliraj had resided in Afghanistan in 2001, where he would reportedly have met met Ayman al-Zawahiri, the deputy leader of Al Qaeda.

b.) The affair Layla Hachichi:

In 2009, a Belgian-Moroccan girl, Layla Hachichi, was burned alive with boiling water by her own parents while the latter were attempting to 'exorcise the devil' - read, the girl had outed herself as lesbian. Yours truly had a post on the subject on the subject on November 1, 2009:

I posted the following, with a quote by Layla's parents' lawyer:

A Moroccan koranic reader, a certain O.G., has been arrested for the murder of 18-year old Layla Hachichi. Three weeks ago the girl's severely burnt body was found in her parents' house in Antwerps Dam neighborhood. Neighbors say the girl, who was lesbian, was the victim of a ritual murder.

According to O.G.'s lawyer however, NOTHING is wrong:

"Koranic reader O.G. services had been sought by Layla's parents to help her with her psychological problems. He has several times read exerpts from the Koran at the girl's home, but never performed any ritual purification. The man has nothing to hide. Besides, he reported himself at the police precinct."

The name of the lawyer? Abderrahim Lahlali. Koinsidens of course.

And what is the explanation of the parents for the gruesome death of their daughter?

That she had burned herself accidently while showering. In the bathroom an electric waterboiler was found.

c.) The Ghent headscarf affair

In 2007 the Gent Municipal Council voted in favor of a prohibition on public employees wearing visible religious symbols.

(to be continued)

 photo lahlali_zpsbe74c39e.jpg

Abderrahim Lahlali. A perfectly integrated muslim according to leftist woolheads. In reality a sinister islamic supremacist, as much a burden to our society - actually, more - as your average grandma-robbing 12-year old mohammed on Molenbeek's streets.

As I mentioned earlier on, the vicious reaction by Louboutin and Lake with the aim of stifling Anke Van dermeersch's campaign, is not a first. In our politically correct world of which the talking heads are forever blathering about the virtues of Diversity, there is very little room for political diversity. Sadly, so long and omnipresent has the barrage of the 'correct' viewpoints been - we are talking about decades here, and the propaganda war has not only relied on the media but to an equal extent on schools and universities - that, alas, a great many leftist dogmas have basically become part of what is called 'accepted wisdom'. Multiculturalism is good. Nazism and Fascism are extreme rightwing political movements. Islam is a religion of peace. Republican presidents are dumb. Abortion is OK. When present at a gay wedding you must look cheerful when cameras are around for gay marriage is a step forward in human evolution. Etcetera etcetera etcetera. Even people who by nature have healthy doses of common sense and/or inquiring and critical minds, feel reluctant and even intimidated when tempted to openly question these 'progressive' viewpoints. In the case of Mrs. Van dermeersch's attempts to challenge the Commandments of the Leftist Bible, the most obvious example of just how far the radical indoctrination of western populations has made inroads in people's thinking was obviously the downright refusal of two well-known Flemish women's magazines to place the VB Senator's ad.

You might wonder, what was that ad about?

Well, given the blunt fact that women under muslim rule are second-rank citizens (at best), to an appalling degree denied the chance to live their own lives and take their own decisions, Mrs. Van dermeersch wrote a couple of years back a book titled 'Hoer noch slavin' ['Neither Whore nor Slave' - MFBB]. The ad consisted of a depiction of the book's cover accompanying a short text decrying the 'societal marginalization' of women under muslim rule, a photo of the Senator, some info on how to order the book, Women Against Islamization's URL, and...

a photo of a girl toddler wearing a tee with the words 'ALS IK GROOT BEN WORD IK WAT IK ZELF WIL'. Loosely translated: 'WHEN I'M BIG I WILL BE WHAT I WANT TO BE'.

 photo geweigerd_door_Libelle_Flair_zpsde0481a8.jpg

Unmistakably nazi-esque huh?


And yet, this ad was REFUSED by Libelle and Flair, Flander's best-known women's magazines:

'Libelle' - when I was a kid, it was still Libelle Rosita and my mom read it - is your typical women's magazine for the 'mild' womenfolk. The soccer moms, say. Topics covered typically include things like, well, check out the covers below:

 photo libelle_zps6ac69948.jpg

'Pay Rise? I dare not even ask it'. '100 women about sex'. 'That's how to make it cozy in home. The Flower Trend'. 'Golly - my décolleté! The 38 most beautiful bras'. 'Autumn Happiness'. 'In 5 steps towards more cuddling'.

Etc etc etc. In short, Libelle is a magazine for hardworking moms with kids. Who like to keep the house tidy and clean. Who prefer perhaps a bit boring, but otherwise safe and comfy sex in a (more or less) traditional heterosexual relationship. Now for Flair:

 photo flair_zps65b5fea1.jpg

'Flair' relates to 'Libelle' like Penthouse relates to Playboy, like the Stones relate to the Beatles, or like, uh, Lucy Pinder to Gemma Atkinson. If you don't get the latter comparison, don't worry, I might illustrate my point in some future post (if you're a good boy) (or girl). (whatever). Anyway, the magazine addresses, say, twentysomething and thirtysomething rather 'emancipated' women. There's often articles in it wherein adultery is not only treated as something that is certainly not morally objectionable, but sometimes desirable. I figure these brief descriptions will suffice to situate both magazines.

Well, like I said, both of them refused the above ad. The reason they gave?

 photo Libelle_Flair_waanzin_zps6597742f.jpg

Translated: 'Both editors-in-chief refused the ad because they could not reconcile it with the values of their magazines', said Christine Festjens, Director Publishing with Sanoma Media, the publishing company under whose umbrella fall both Libelle and Flair.

Umm... right. I get it. The ad shows a little girl with a T-shirt that says 'ALS IK GROOT BEN WORD IK WAT IK ZELF WIL', and as if that is not bad enough, Anke Van dermeersch says in the same breath that islam suppresses women. There's no hurling of insults, there's merely stating a fact. Yet according to those two editors-in-chief - both of them women, of course - the photo of the girl and lamenting the fate of women in islamic societies 'are not reconcilable with their values'.

Oh really? Let's take a close look at the position of women in the muslim world.

In 2010, the World Economic Forum released its annual Global Gender Gap Report. The WEF's GGGR is a detailed analysis in which 134 countries are screened yearly to see how much they have progressed in closing the gaps between men and women in four crucial ares: Education, Economic Participation and Opportunity, Health, and Participation in Politics.

What becomes clear is that while there are of course non-islamic countries where women's situations are very poorly, the overwhelming majority of the worst-scoring countries are muslim ones, and most of these are arab states.

Of the 20 countries at the bottom of the gender gap scale, 17 (seventeen) are Islamic – Lebanon (116), Qatar (117), Nigeria (118), Algeria (119), Jordan (120), Oman (122), Iran (123), Syria (124), Egypt (125), Turkey (126), Morocco (127), Benin (128), Saudi Arabia (129), Mali (131), Pakistan (132), Chad (133) and Yemen (134). True, the numbers in between (115, 121 and 130) are taken in by non-muslim countries, Nepal, Ethipia and Cote d'Ivoire respectively, but I figure the trend is clear - though probably not so through the rose-tinted fashionista glasses of snotty 'women's' magazines. Oh, by the way, thirteen countries which have a muslim majority appear higher up in the scale. The 'best' one is Kazakhstan at 41.

If you need more reports, there's a UN outfit, so don't say I'm biased, called the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). It's also issuing a yearly report on the status of women, and regarding e.g. school enrollment, they have some interesting statistics (the numbers are taken from a 2010 report also). The following percentages indicate the difference between school enrollment between boys and girls, and the seven countries with the BIGGEST gaps are all islamic countries: Chad (22 percent), Yemen (20), Pakistan (16), Guinea-Bissau (16), Mali (14), Iraq (13) and Niger (13).

As for literacy differences between (adult) women and men, once again muslim countries 'excel': of the seven countries with the biggest literacy gaps, five are islamic – Yemen (a 36 percent gender gap), Mozambique (30), Guinea-Bissau (29), Niger (28) and Pakistan (27). The two non-islamic ones are the Central African Republic (28) and Ethiopia (27). Taking a bigger sample of 28 countries, the result is barely better: 20 of them are islamic states.

And political participation? The DESA report offers, for the percentages of women represented in parliaments in 2009, the sobering statistic: the only countries with no female representatives are all islamic, and all of them are arab Gulf states – Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Finally, muslim countries are also champions with regards to the percentage of women making up the adult labor force: in 27 countries where women accounted for less than one-third of the total adult labor force, 22 are islamic. In the UAE women comprise 15 percent of the workforce, in Saudi Arabia 16 per cent, and Qatar 16 per cent.


 photo muslim-oppression_women_zpsc59c461e.jpg

When this girl is big, she won't be what she wants to be. And if she's adulterous, well, I fear the tips and tricks provided by Flair to soothe the husband won't be of great help.

And so, this whole affair boils down to the sobering, depressing dynamic:

 photo anke_vdm_zps2a3fc085.jpg

A leading lady of Flanders' only truly conservative movement, the Vlaams Belang, has the guts to call a spade a spade and launches (yet another) campaign to warn against the danger an islamized society constitues for women - and a clear and present danger at that.

A high profile gay man, who should actually welcome the fact that his designer shoes are worn for a change by a beautiful woman with guts AND brains - as opposed to brainless bimbettes, chooses to sue that woman instead. He might have supported the iniative, as a way to show his solidarity with untold MILLIONS of other gay men like himself who suffer daily under the yoke of islamic barbarity. Yet Christian Louboutin the Idiot, Christian Louboutin the Fool, Christian Louboutin the Coward does not.

A feminist student, who should actually give a thumbs up to Vandermeersch for so bravely making a stand against islamic oppression of women, chooses to sue her just as well. She might have supported the initiative, as a way to show her solidarity with untold MILLIONS of women like herself who suffer daily under the yoke of islamic barbarity. Yet Rosea Lake the Idiot, Rosea Lake the Fool, Rosea Lake the Coward does not.

To top it all off, Louboutin and Lake find an eager ally in the person of Abderrahim Lahlali. A dubious lawyer whose clients include an islamic terrorist, Abdelkader Belliraj, who, amongst others, shot a gay man; and the parents of Layla Hachichi, who killed their own daughter with boiling water because she had outed herself as lesbian.

This is truly an insane world.


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