Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Very good article over at American Thinker by John T. Bennett, of the University of Chicago no less, on the Swedish riots. Blame Whitey: the Swedish version.

"...Sweden riots expose ugly side of Multiculturalism and Immigration." That would be an accurate title for an article describing the wave of mayhem unleashed by vulgar, violent immigrants in the suburb of Husby, north of Stockholm.

The rioting is yet another example of tribalistic behavior on the part of bitter, entitled immigrants who have been unwisely welcomed into Western nations. But that's not how Reuters saw things.

"Sweden riots expose ugly side of 'Nordic model'" is the slanderous title chosen by Reuters to describe an uprising of ungrateful third-world immigrants.
In case we in America haven't caught on yet, perhaps we should take note. If the ultra-tolerant Swedes, with their giant welfare state and generous asylum policy, can't manage to satisfy the demands of third-world immigrants, then perhaps no one can.
But what is this "Nordic model," whose ugly side has been exposed? It is the "Swedish model of welfare," according to the anti-white, anti-Western hacks writing for Reuters.

 photo husby_riots_zpsc3ab8838.jpg

That's right: when mobs of criminal immigrant youths attack police and burn cars, their behavior is the fault of the European nation that gave the immigrants a home. That home supported their lifestyle, provided education and health care, and paid the immigrants to simmer in baseless hate.
The belligerent mobs are supposedly angry that police shot a man who was threatening police by swinging a machete at them. The politically correct call this behavior "wielding a machete." The machete-swinger is of unknown nationality, but he lived in the suburb of Husby, which is predominantly Muslim immigrant.
The Reuters reporters, who evidently despise Swedes and will obediently recite any insult made about the Swedish people, have this enriching perspective to offer:

Conversations with residents of this immigrant neighborhood soon bring tales of fruitless job hunts, police harassment, racial taunts and a feeling of living at the margins that are at odds with Sweden's reputation for openness and tolerance.

Could it be that those residents are not telling the truth? Could it be that their victim mentality, like the victim mentality of so many groups in Western societies, has led them to exaggerate the scope of discrimination and concoct fairy tales of oppression? Might there even be a fundamental conflict between the values of many Muslim immigrants and the values of a secular European state? These possibilities seem not to have occurred to the Reuters journalists, who wrote this apology for violence:

Riots that began in Husby have spread across Stockholm over the last four nights in scenes reminiscent of London in 2011 and Paris in 2005- outbursts with their roots in segregation, neglect and poverty.

There we have it: the bitter fruit of white nations. "[S]egregation, neglect and poverty." The immigrants have not found opportunity, broad freedoms, or the chance to live and think as they please and or rise according to their training and talent. Instead, all the immigrant finds are "segregation, neglect and poverty."

We aren't supposed to even think that the Swedish immigrants are segregated because they are Muslim and because many hate gays, women's uncovered faces, alcohol, and even service dogs for the blind. It couldn't be that "neglect" is an idiotic term to describe the relationship between a society and immigrants; only helpless people and dependents can be neglected. All others are supposed to have enough free will and human decency to make a go at life without being coddled. And last, but certainly not least, we are never supposed to question the values or behavior of anyone who lives in "poverty."
In fact, Western nations are horrible if they don't turn immigrants into white-collar professionals by the second generation:
Metros and trains out of Stockholm center late at night are full of exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home from menial jobs. Even second generation immigrants struggle to find white collar employment.

These largely Muslim immigrants, egged on by the feral press, feel that they are entitled to faster career progression and an easy path to affluence. Never mind that the immigrants are better off in Sweden than they could ever be in their native countries of Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia...."

I hope that when the Day of Reckoning comes, all these leftozoid monsters, having crapped and pissed their entire lives on our dignified and immensely valuable Western Civilization, will pay their fair share for the godawful mess they have gotten our continent in.


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