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From the 'I have seen that movie about a million times' Department. Wannabe Town Select(wo)man Meyrem Almaci, of Turkish origin, HAS FOUND THE SOLUTION for the endemic poverty among Antwerp's muslims, mainly Moroccans and Turks. Why, more taxpayer money of course!!!

As her ilk befits, Madam Almaci is a member of the Greens. They are either that or Red, with a few exceptions among (soi disant) liberals and (so-called) christian democrats.



There's municipal elections in Belgium on October 14, and they are seen as a test whether the traditional parties will be able to wither the expected major success of the new Flemish nationalist party, the N-VA. N-VA, which stands for Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, or New Flemish Alliance, has over the past few years seen a remarkable rise in popularity. Its numbers have swollen, on the one hand, as a result of Flemish nationalist voters leaving the Vlaams Belang (VB), which may be explained by fatigue of voting for a party that is simply denied any possibility of ever taking up a ruling mandate (because of the 'cordon sanitaire'). On the other hand, it is clear that N-VA has attracted many people from other parties, for which the charisma of its leader, Bart Dewever, may be responsible (Needless to say, Outlaw Mike remains a staunch Vlaams Belang member).

Anyway, the upcoming elections may become interesting, for essentially they will feature a clash between welfare producers and welfare consumers. I don't like N-VA because in my opinion it let go by a terrific chance of forming a very powerful cartel with the VB. Also, N-VA does not oppose islamization, it even does not seem to register on their radar. Be that as it may... we can say that N-VA is the principal electoral spearpoint of those in Flanders which produce all the wealth - active whites not in a government job... and that the Greens and the socialists are the voice of the principal recipients of this wealth. Immigration has become such a powerful torrent that the electoral losses among whites for SP.a (socialists) and Groen( (the Greens) have been more than made up by the newcomers, who vote overwhelmingly for the do-gooders. Let us now listen to Madam Almaci, of Turkish stock, in a speech given during a meeting of the Greens in Antwerp last weekend. Almaci addresses Poverty In Antwerp:

'They are overtaken by the facts. Youth unemployment is 30 per cent higher than in 2007. For those over 55 the numbers are even worse. There unemployment rose with 44 per cent. And it does not stop there. Forced removal from their homes: up thirty per cent. Another good indicator: the number of people enjoying a preferential treatment in health insurance has risen with 47 per cent since 2007. These are people flirting with poverty. A quarter of children in Antwerp lives in poverty. A quarter! That must become priority number one in the next legislature.'

'The word poverty does not appear in the current legislature's governing accord. This is simply not done. The rows at the Food Distribution Agencies in Antwerp are getting longer and longer. Among Maghrebians [Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisiand - MFBB] half is living in poverty, among Turks it's a third.'

'So we urgently need a City Plan for Fighting Poverty, that is also part of the governing accord. If we are in the majority, it's gonna be a breaking point. The Green Party therefore aims explicitly for the post of Town Selectman for Social Affairs.'

'This portfolio must include convincing financial prowess. Year after year the OCMW (Public Centres for Societal Wellbeing) is plugging the holes of the year before. In 2013 a part of the budget will therefore go to the year 2012. We need at least 20 million EUR to really make a difference here.'

'Every euro you now spend in fighting children's poverty will yield a return in the long term. With it, you help to prevent generational poverty, and in this manner those youths will have less health problems and better schooling trajectories. And then we keep silent about the terrible stigma that poverty brings with it: this weighs enormously on people.'

Yes, we the whites, the Welfare Producers, are overtaken by the facts. Poverty in Antwerp is STEEPLY ON THE RISE, ESPECIALLY among 'maghrebians and Turks'.

A few facts may escape Ms. Almaci's attention.

1.) Last time I checked, around 2008 or so, Antwerp was losing 4,000 (white) authochtons a year, while 'gaining' 5,000 Third Worlders. Like it or not, they arrive poor, and they've been rushing in Antwerp (and the rest of the country) BECAUSE OF LEGISLATION tailor-made by Reds and Greens, with enthusiastic help from the other 'democratic' parties.

So OF COURSE, if you pump in dirt poor asylum seekers, not speaking the language, lacking the most essential skills to be of any help in companies, schools, institutions, public services or whatever, and those cultural enrichers CHASE OUT hardworking authochtons, prosperity goes down, poverty goes UP!!!

2.) All of that could be overcome... if only the newcomers' culture made it possible. Immigration in Antwerp however, like in the rest of the country, is mainly from muslim countries. Now, in the overwhelming majority of these households THE WOMAN IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE A WAGE EARNER.... What they are allowed to do is produce babies though. It follows that massive swaths of the muslim population in Antwerp can be characterized by One Earner families, with the father more often than not having a low-skilled, low paying job, and the wife sitting at home, 'raising' four, five or six children. Of those children, the boys quickly venture out on the streets, massively flunking school, and even when in class, rejecting being taught by female teachers. Not only have muslim children lower IQ's to begin with, but taking aforementioned factors in account, it should come as no surprise that dropout rates among Moroccan and Turkish children are catastrophic.

Very simply put, rising poverty in Antwerp is mostly due to a totally unhinged immigration policy (planned at the federal level) which, to add insult to injury, has picked the most unwanted culture to import. An alarming demographic with small two-earner families with relatively well brought up, well-performing children being replaced by large families, with one earner supplying a family with four or five underperforming children, is the result. These families, more numerous every year, are the main recipients of welfare checks and they literally DEVOUR the OCMW's budget. Along comes Meyrem Almaci, and she notices (surprise!) that Antwerp families are becoming poorer and poorer!!!!!

Poverty is there because, well, it's there because it's there, and naturally discrimniation and RACISM have helped (a lot, presumably), and we can't solve it because we have to plug the budget holes of the year before (even if prominent Santa Clauses like Monica Deconick, Belgium's own Jamie Gorelick, raise the eyebrows on the colossal amounts spent every year on welfare). So ALL THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN is in one smack throw another twenty million euros down the drain to plug said holes and after that we can do as if they never existed and resume the following year with nothing but just needy Maghrebians and Turks to spend an entire year's budget on. Young Ahmed, Mohammed, Mehmet and Abdelkader, now lying sick in bed if they are not torching cars in Borgerhout because of Sam Bacile, will get liberal doses of Aspegic and Augmentin, get suddenly well, and rush to school, where they eagerly learn from Juf Katrien that Voltage equals Current multiplied with Resistance, that Man comes from Ape, and that the nazis really murdered six million jews.

It's really that simple.

Madam Almaci.... you can.... go royally FUCK YOURSELF.


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