Friday, September 21, 2012


Its ambassador to Libya and three of his staff brutally murdered, its flags burned everywhere in the islamic world, the nation humiliated... ... and all that this administration manages to come up with is squirming in the mud and the dust for mindless paedophile worshippers. Mindless, and worthless. Dumb, and dumbest. When was the last time you bought a computer designed, or even just manufactured under license, in Yemen? Recently sat behind the wheel of a KSA produced SUV? How's that LCD display and state of the art audio system Made in Pakistan working out?

No, all that the ummah can produce is terrorists and oil, the latter only with western knowledge and skills. Yet Hillary Clinton sees fit to cringe and apologize to muslim scum on Paki TV. PAKISTAN for God's sake!!! PAKISTAN, which offered a safe heaven to the monster behind 9/11. Your tax dollars, 70,000 of them, at work:

Why, oh why, do the Hillary Clintons of this world get airplay? And why do the Pat Condells have to make do with blogs?

I hope, I sincerely HOPE, that soon I will have seen the last of this DESPICABLE woman.


P.S.: Hat tip for both videos our friends over at Gates of Vienna.

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