Thursday, May 03, 2012


The first confirmed murder as such, anyway. There have very likely been killings before but with death attributed to a particular planet configuration, the flute with the six smurfs, George Bush, the gap in the ozone layer or whatever.

Now however there's clear evidence that peace loving adherents of the religion of piss butchered an openly gay man for being, well, openly gay in Belgistan. How do you feel about THAT, Elio di Rupo? From those outstanding mensa candidates over at Het Laatste Nieuws, May 3, 2012:


So what the article says is that in a field near the southern Belgian city of Huy the lifeless body was found of Ihsane Jarfi, a gay muslim man. There's sufficient evidence (and three suspects have been rounded up) that this was a homophobic crime. Interior Minister (and Minister of Equal Chances) Joelle Milquet, a cunt of the first order, issued a communique stating that she was 'shocked' and that plans were needed to combat homophobic violence.

I am sorry, but I'm totally f*cked up because of overload but I promise I WILL translate the whole text. It is WORTH translating, because the text of such a document must be preserved for posterity so that future historians can better grasp the Absolute, Mindless, Breathtaking and Unconditional Stupidity that rules today's politically correct discourse. In short, the article is full of SHIT and is tiptoeing like a pinguin drunk as a monkey around the key issue, namely that Ihsane Jarfi is DEAD because of the growing presence of ISLAM in our country.

A couple of weeks back, when Santorum was still running, the same newspaper ran a gleeful article highlighting a Santorum collage made of snapshots from gay porn movies. Gleeful, because a poster like that was gefundenes fressen to lambast an 'ultraconservative homophobe':


Reality trumps fiction. I specifically encircled the sentence 'The ultraconservative politician takes a very hard stance against homosexuality'. To the best of my knowledge, Santorum has never exhorted anyone to kill gay people, nor lauded those who do so. But for the HLN, on a moral plane miles and miles and miles and miles higher than the likes of Santorum and Outlaw Mike and assorted rightwing hatemongers, Santorum is a monster. Amazingly, HLN saw fit to publish an article about Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei RIGHT ABOVE the Santorum article. The day that Het Laatste Nieuws takes the bold step to denounce the good ayatollah as 'homophobic', I eat my shoes.

My mountain boots, that is.

No, they won't do that, trust me. In Khameneiland aka Iran, gays are legally hung from construction cranes with the blessing of that paradigm of Human Rights and Equal Chances Ayatollah Al-Khamenei, but the coverage Het Laatste Nieuws has spent thus far on this amusing challenge of the Iranian gay scene can best be summarized as chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp, and then some. Santorum however... now THERE is a MEAN HOMOPHOBE!!!! Oh, as it was, the article 'bout Khamenei dealt only with the nukes Iran is working on, which is as you and I know a fait divers.

Say a prayer for Mr Jarfi. Vote Vlaams Belang and oil you guns. Good night. Translation should be coming up tomorrow night.



Peter Fleming said...

Best to wait with posting before all the facts come out: 4 perpetrators, no islam involved here

Peter Fleming said...

Best to wait with posting before all the facts have come out: no islam involved here