Thursday, March 22, 2012


In an earlier article, the BBC aka the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation managed to publish an article without using the M-word when describing islamic extremist Mohamed Merah who gunned down 7 people in Toulouse, including two toddlers.

That page is down now, but LiveLeak in time captured a screenshot. Here it is:


Although the link between between an islamic nutcase who once was spotted wielding swords in his neighborhood and shouting 'Allahu Akbar', and the gruesome murder of jewish infants, is as obvious as the link between eating onion soup and the ensuing fartfest, the BBC couldn't detect that link.

HOWEVER... they count on YOUR sheer stupidity to believe their planted link between these horrifying murders and 'extreme rightwing madwoman' Marine le Pen:

"She is often associated with the more controversial debates on immigration and her presence will be closely observed in light of recent events, reports the BBC's Christian Fraser in Toulouse."

Golly. It really stands there.

Or stood.

Because a short while after, they must have understood even the stupid peasant masses would notice such a blatantly biased suggestion. This is what that same page looks like now:


You can still spot the snippet "...Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right Front National, will attend the memorial service in Montauban."

People like Christian Fraser, who might perhaps do well to change his name in Muslim Fraser, make me want to puke. Anno 2012, the situation in Europe has become such that Jewish schoolchildren cannot feel safe anymore when performing a simple duty as going to school. It SHOULD NOT be necessary that their schools need police protection, and yet this just happens to be the case. Because of the politicians and the media's callous choice NOT to mention the CAUSE of this ungodly phenomenon, namely Europes relentless islamization, people like Christian Fraser, institutions like the BBC, or newspapers like Le Monde or De Standaard...

... are guilty too.

Meanwhile, here's the take of a man who DOES know what's going on. A man who, in his own words, is doing the journalists' work:

Hat tip our pals from Gates Of Vienna.


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