Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As, very unfortunately, the number of muslims in Belgium is steadily on the rise, so is the phenomenon of the so-called 'Honour' killings. No surprise there. Wherever muslims roam, they bring their pre stone age rites with them.

Belgian daily De Standaard this week had an article on it. Here's a screenshot:


They managed to avoid the M- and I-words com-ple-te-ly. De Standaard is all too happy to cite a certain Marijke Weewaters, Department Chief of the Federal Cell Violence against Women, who's blabbering that they 'know almost nothing about the problem'.

This Marijke Weewaters, like let's say 85% of all public employees, is as clueless about honor killings as a camel in a panel of nuclear physicists. The thirst thing one ought to acknowledge is that the problem of Violence against Women is in let's say 90% of the cases ISLAM. Women shelters all over the country are predominantly inhabited with muslim women, ergo, THERE's your 'root cause'. Period. BASTA. RECOGNIZE that, and you're halfway to a solution.

Now, however, despite cohorts of Federal Cells for Violence Against Women Chiefs, and a press corps of a species that makes lemmings look like noble unicorns, we're further away from a solution than ever.

Another item. Violence against gays is rampant and on the rise, especially in Brussels. Small wonder says Outlaw Mike, muslims constitute at least 25% of the Brussels population already.

Not so De Standaard. This week another article that does take into account that 'over the past couple of days there have been 43 known cases of gay bashing and aggression in the Brussels 'vijfhoek' [the very center of Brussels, actually away from the muslim republics of Molenbeek and Anderlecht], a dog with a hat on knows what quarter the aggressors come from [note: it ain't euro kleptocrats from Greece]...

... and yet you will easier find a billion euros to shore up the Belgian budget deficit than an M- or I-word in a De Standaard article about gay bashing.

LOOK at that pathetic header: BEATINGS AND INSULTS. A report. 'LGTBs about gay bashing: We want to be ourselves again on the streets of Brussels'.


Sorry gays, uh, guys. You shouldn't have voted for the Parti Socialiste or the Socialistische partij, as I'm pretty sure you did. Kind of useless huh, being able to marry your same sex and adopt kiddos in a city turning islamic as you're watching it?

You should have voted VB, fucking idiots.

Anyway, a demented donkey high on crack knows perfectly well the religious persuasion of the scoundrels that beat up Marcel & Tony, but De Standaard editor Ann-Sofie Dekeyser is clueless: islam? What islam?


Boy. Oh. Boy. Next to these people, Homer Simpson is Stephen Hawking.


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Leo Norekens said...

Michael: I'm afraid that most of your readers will be unfamiliar with the term "Holebi".
I believe the Anglo-Saxon equivalent is "LGBT" (Les-Gay-Bi-Trans).

@All: "Holebi" is a contraction of homosexual-lesbian-bisexual, used almost exclusively in Flanders.