Friday, October 21, 2011


This item is already about two weeks old, but its relevance will remain assured for what presumably will turn out a long, long time yet. Rooting out leftist bias from western media channels may well prove to be a sisyphus job.

The story. On October 3, Belgium's most prominent daily De Standaard ran a frontpage article about the north israeli mosque of Tuba Zangaria, torched by Jewish colonists:


How awful for them. Those eeeevil colonists! Now, I'm all for reporting on this kind of stories. Especially so when the burning of this mosque may have something to do with the brutal killing by Paleostinians of a 25 year old Israeli father and his infant son, just a couple of days earlier:



The leftist rag having the audacity to keep calling itself De Standaard, will never inform its readers on scores of torchings of churches all over the islamic world. Here, for example, is a tidbit on a Coptic Church in the Egyptian village of al Marinab. Via Coptic World:

"St George's Church in the village of Al Marinab of the province of Edfu was attacked and burned by Muslim fanatics from the same and neighboring villages. No one was inside the church during the attack. This church was attacked several weeks ago by the same mob of Muslims who demanded to remove its cross. Today, they succeeded in doing so as they have been threatening for several days. They prayed their Friday prayers in front of the burned church. The fanatics numbered approximately 150. Three adjacent homes, a store as well as a building, all of which are owned by Copts, have also been burned.

No arrests were made. Muslim fanatics have prevented fire trucks from coming on the scene. No protection or justice has been promised for the Copts of the village has been pledged by authorities. Copts fear these acts will continue to increase as the government continues to allow these criminal acts to go unchecked. This is the fourth Coptic church to be destroyed by Muslims this year following the revolution."


Same old same old. Let's face it. Blogs remain a marginal phenomenon. I've been blogging for almost eight years now, and when I look in my intimate circle, I know no one who turns to blogs for his or her news. The overwhelming majority of people still gather their news from traditional channels, i.e. newspapers and TV. Channels which are overwhelmingly in the hands of legions of leftist bozos.

The result is that entire swaths of the population have a completely distorted worldview. How can you expect people not having a bis vis-à-vis Israel when the liars from de Standaard and hundreds of other western newspapers implement a policy of reporting extensively on the torching of ONE mosque by Israeli colonists...

... while deliberately choosing NEVER to report on churches burned and destroyed from Mauretania over Egypt and Pakistan to Indonesia.


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