Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Do not miss this extraordinary interview with Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV:

As I heard Mrs. Phillips elaborate so eloquently about the near total lack of an rightwing antiweight to the leftist media juggernaut that is European MSM, I was reminded of an article with a very similar message on the Brussels Journal, by a young Norwegian author, apparently a student no less (!). Come to think of it, the mere fact that I feel compelled to use an exclamation mark in connection with a person who's in his early twenties and who's rightwing, is telling. The author's name is Svein Sellanraa, and his short essay is titled Generation Y Radicals.

Here's an exerpt:

"... I have written before about the cultural hegemony the Left exercises in Norway, and about how it has turned universities and schools into indoctrination camps. The generation of Norwegians born in the late 1980s and early 1990s is the first to have lived its entire life in the shadow of this hegemony. Most every teacher, government official, journalist, celebrity, or family member they have encountered spouts the same leftist talking points; most everything they have read, watched, and listened to to has been carefully bowdlerized to make apparent the wickedness of Western culture, the division of history into oppressor and oppressed, and the goodness of egalitarianism. The members of Norway's Generation Y are not the first to embrace the views of the postmodern, politically correct Left – that dubious honor belongs to their parents and grandparents –, but they are the first to absorb it by osmosis. Given the state of Norwegian schools and culture, most of them have probably never even heard of Lukács, Adorno, or Marcuse. They are not only committed to the Cultural Marxist Weltanschauung, but unaware that there is any alternative to it. The upshot of this is that they are not usually bad or stupid people, just grievously misinformed. None of the anecdotes I give here are intended to mock or humiliate the people they depict, many of whom I consider friends. The fault lies not with them, but with the sociopathoid armchair Berias responsible for their indoctrination.

Norway's Gen-Y radicals are utopians. By this I do not mean that they want a perfect society. They are rarely utopians in that sense, just as they are never radicals in the sense of wanting to overthrow the existing order. Like most of the post-Marxist Left, they have abandoned the pipe-dreams of the first socialists; if they believe in the “end of history” at all, they think of it in terms of managerial welfare-state democracy, not a property-less Eden. No, they are utopians in the sense that they believe social problems to be the result of faulty institutions and social structures, and thus also solvable through the modification of those structures. For them, human society and human nature can and should be engineered. This strips the individual of moral responsibility, promotes a sterile, teleological view of society and an interventionist, utilitarian view of the state, and begets the opinions that hierarchy is always unfair and arbitrary, that crime is never the criminal's fault, and that every social institution hides a Darwinian struggle for “resources” between faceless, impersonal forces.

The radicals also have a hefty sense of entitlement. They do not request things -- they demand them. They are perpetually shocked, indignant, and concerned about something. Their shock, indignation, and concern is most frequently directed at Racism, Poverty (which they are demanding – demanding! – be Made History), War, and all the other Important Causes. These evils, they reckon, are best controlled by expanding the State, dismantling what remains of the European heritage, and empowering left-wing internationalist institutions like the EU and the UN. Like China's Maoists the Gen-Y radicals pursue a perpetual, institutionalized revolution in which all humanity is subsumed into isms, ologies, and bureaucratic duckspeak. Like Italian Fascists they are vitalists who value mass political action for its own sake. (I remember an acquaintance who in December 2009 considered going to Copenhagen and protesting the climate summit; she didn't make it clear why she thought the summit should be protested, and I don't think she quite knew -- the important thing was that going to marches and protests is the sort of thing socially conscious and morally upstanding people do.) And like the Brezhnev era's "conservatives in the Kremlin" they see themselves not as reconstructive radicals, but as defenders of an ongoing revolution..."

It is all true. The key to solving our predicament is re-conquering the narrative. Or, perhaps I should say simply "conquering". Was there ever a time truly rightist ideas were spread out and lauded unhindered throughout Europe? I don't think so.

I have to stop now, for lack of time. It's very late, and tomorrow, like on all other days, there's a tremendous amount of work to do. But I have to say one thing yet, and it is destined for the young readers out there. By young I mean, yes, 18 to 25 years old.

If you are in that age group, and words and meanings like individualism, pride in your country's past, duty, honor, christianity, family values, capitalism and free markets, the desire for knowledge, a strong defense, the will to contribute to society rather than claim entitlements from it... mean much more to you than the endlessly repeated mantras of the leftist church...

... then you should consider yourself part of an elite. Much will depend upon you. Don't get disheartened. Connect with likeminded people. They are out there, I'm sure of it.


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