Saturday, November 06, 2010


A lesser known and not very commercial number on Billy Joel's The Nylon Curtain album from 1982. Scandinavian Skies.

Kind of a concept album, a homage to John Lennon.

Not very commercial either but quite good - you only have to give it some time. Live with Lightning Crashes, from the album Throwing Copper (1994).

Underestimated band from York, PA. Frontman's Ed Kowalczyk (vocals plus guitar). In 95 I did a trip in a minibus with some ten other guys and gals, don't forget the gals, from San Francisco to Seattle. We played Throwing Copper quite often. Oh boy. Memories.

OK, and now sumpin that IS commercial. U2 with Beautiful Day. It's 2000.

Well, I hope it was one for you. Over here, biz started up again quite well, after a lame October. Wifey's buried in a book, son's sleeping, daughter's singing in bath. Good night.


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