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I realize this may not be the best moment to come up with this post, as attention worldwide is turned to the US midterm elections.

I also realize I'm long overdue with it. 'It', being, coming out in support of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a brave Austrian mother who is being prosecuted in her native Austria for telling the truth.

That's why this post.

Mrs. Sabaditsch-Wolff will be prosecuted for 'hate speech' by an Austrian court. She gave several seminars in which she warned for the dangers of islam. She received notice of the probable case against her almost one year ago, in December 2009. Very soon now, on November 23, she must go to court.

This is Europe.

This is 2010.

What did she say? She will tell you in her own words. From a letter posted at the site of our Virginian friends, Gates of Vienna:

Dear Baron,

Today I have officially been informed that I will have to stand trial on November 23.

I have received the official charges, which are a sort of pick-and-choose of whatever I said during the first two (out of three) seminars. One paragraph consists of words that I never said, but rather those of one of the participants. But I am accused of having said them (they contain the damning words “Adolf Hitler”).

Here is a sample of my evil words: “We need public awareness of the danger posed by Islam. Education needs to be state of the art, eg biology. History. Students need to be taught facts. There was a Turkish siege [in 1683], and they were badly beaten. That must remain [in the history books]. No tolerance for the glorification of violence! And that means we have to get rid of most of the Quran. We must realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is a Trojan horse. Turkey is part of that.

“Sharia is an absolute no-no. We d not want any gender apartheid, no ghettos, no social and cultural discrimination, no polygamy, no theocracy, no hate...”

This is what I’m being tried for. This is what cannot be said aloud in Austria today.

— Elisabeth

Check out this video, link via GoV:

And here's Mark Steyn's take:

You can donate for Mrs. Sabaditsch-Wolff's defense fund here.


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