Friday, June 04, 2010


Before I let Pat Condell blast away at the horrifying outrage of muslims being allowed to build a thirteen-story high islamic cultural center plus mosque virtually on the hallowed ground where almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered BY MUSLIMS, there's a thing or two you should know about the proposed name, the Cordoba mosque.

Cordoba was conquered by a muslim army in 711, barely 80 years after Mohammed's death. It's a city in southern Spain that became the capital of first the emirate and then the caliphate of al-Andalus, which is how the muslim conquerors called present-day Spain. Since Charles Martel botched their effort to conquer the rest of Western Europe at Poitiers in 732, the muslims, in casu the Ummayad dynasty, set on consolidating their hold of the Iberian peninsula, and for a relatively short time succeeded beyond expectation. Indeed, the Ummayad's were so successful that for some time, Cordoba even overshadowed any other city in the entire muslim world, boasting, in the late 10th century, a population of 500,000 and 700 mosques. Inevitably, the relatively bening reign of the Ummayads gave way to more severe dynasties, the last of one which was the dynasty of the Almohads. In case you're interested, that lone famous muslim multi-disciplinarian scientist Averroes (Ibn Rushd), who INVARIABLY turns up when drooling leftozoids deem it necessary to point out how backward Europe was in the Middle Ages compared to the muslim world, was a native of Cordoba. What these know-it-alls who can't tell you any other name of a muslim scientist (though admittedly, there were others) always fail to tell you, is that Averroes only escaped death because of his writings on account of his qualities as a physician, and that he was banished to Morocco.

The bottom line is that muslims regard the somewhat less than 800 years of islamic rule in Spain as a golden age, and the statewise embodiment of that age, the caliphate of al-andalus, as the most successful muslim nation of all time. And the capital of that most successful muslim nation of all time was... Cordoba. As a symbol, it is quite telling that muslims have opted for this name for a mosque in the heart of "the great satan". Mayor Bloomberg, that ball-less carcass, can drool whatever he wants on the wonders of multiculturalism, interfaith dialogue and diversity, but muslims see it differently. Al-Zawahiri himself referred to the "tragedy of al-Andalus" right after 9/11, lamenting the loss of muslim Spain to the Christian. The supposedly 'moderate' muslim bridge builders in NYC, by choosing the name Cordoba, have given definite proof that they are completely on the same line with one of the key architects of the massacre just blocks away from the mosque construction site.

How foolish can you be? And how blind?

Oh yeah, Americans are getting plenty of change.


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