Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In the night of Sunday to Monday (11/12 April), in Chapter MCLXVIII of the saga of escalating violence in and around Brussels, two very dangerous Moroccan criminals fled in a stolen Audi on the Brussels Ring, pursued by police. Around 3am, near Wauthier-Braine some twenty kilometers south of Brussels, they were intercepted by a Volvo and BMW of a special pursuit unit of the Federal Police. A firefight ensued, in which one of the gangsters was killed and the other gravely wounded, when he tried to jump off the viaduct where they had been cornered.

The following night: widespread riots in the Brussels commune of Saint-Gillis. Video below:

It is the umpteenth incident whereby the neutralizing, sometimes with deadly results, of Moroccan gangsters by the police results in retaliatory riots by Moroccan youths, and it is becoming a veritable plague. It should be borne in mind that this sequence has a logic all of its own. Whereas authochton Belgians, upon learning a "white" criminal was offed, will invariably deem such a thing good riddance and even cheer about it, the same does not hold true for the Moroccan community in Belgium, which holds even recidivist rapists and murderers in high regard. Indeed, any Moroccan gangster killed or wounded in an engagement with the police is a hero. As I don't tire from saying, this has EVERYTHING to do with that most vile, despicable and inhuman belief system that is called islam. Children brought up in the "culture" guided by this insane paedophile worshipping moon cult have learnt to despise everything our western civilization stands for, and that includes first and foremost the most visible servants of our society, the police officers. On the map below, the inverted drips show you some hotspots in the "Capital of Europe":


"Incidents" include police precincts attacked with molotov cocktails (in one instance a complete destruction of the precinct), ambushes of the police, shooting incidents involving automatic weapons (AK-47's), armed robbery often with deadly consequences, riots, damage of public property, car torchings, car theft, intimidation, (sexual) harassment, grave physical injury to underground users, and to top it all off the pestering away of entire classes from a central Brussels High School to another neighborhood because the (autochton) pupils were massively robbed and attacked by moroccan teenagers, some barely past age ten, on the road leading to school.

In all these cases, the common element is that the perpetrators are Moroccans (although sometimes cooperating with blacks, and although intra-black violence of youth gangs is also steeply on the rise).

Now, the percentage of muslims in Brussels, pop. around 1,100,000, is 25%.

Thus, we have here a perfect illustration of how violence in a society is directly proportional to the percentage of the followers of muhammad.

It should also be noted that there are no indicators in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. This is not surprising, since more than any other Brussels commune, this area has been ethnically cleansed of indigenous Belgians. I would have to look it up, but the percentage of muslims in Molenbeek must have passed the 80% mark by now. In Molenbeek, the "peace" of dar-al-islam rules, and it has in no small way been facilitated by that vicious cretin of its Parti Socialiste mayor, Philippe Moureaux. He has so affectively hamstrung his police, amongst others by forbidding them to eat sandwiches on the street during ramadan and by ordering them not to patrol anymore in "sensitive areas", that 'lo and behold, no incidents are reported anymore from this beacon of (false) peace. Moureaux is past 70 now, and his successor is already known: Emir Kir, of Turkish descent and - who would have thunk it - an Armenian Holocaust denier. I pity the 20% of so of authochton Belgians left in Molenbeek, in most cases people too old to move, and apart from that knowing that if they would have to sell their apartment, they would only get a fraction of what it would go in a normal neighborhood.

In any case, it is clear that the police can no longer cope. The time to deploy the army has come.


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