Thursday, March 11, 2010


One week ago, Hicham El Gaabouri, fleeing from a robbery scene in the Brussels commune of Ukkel with his companion Hassan, tried to carjack an auto which had just stopped for traffic lights. When the driver, Mrs. Frédérique Léveque, wasn't quick enough in handing over the keys, he shot her first in the shoulder and then in the head. The murderer now claims the two (!) shots went off by accident.

The (notoriously leftist) Belgian daily De Standaard now gives the father of the killer a much-needed forum. After all, we don't want to jump to conclusions too fast, do we? Besides, it's a tragedy all right, but it would be an even bigger tragedy when our precious diversity was the victim here.

'Hicham must have been influenced by somebody', thinks father Ahmed. 'An armed robbery is not his thing. He is a sensitive young man who often reacts very emotionally.'

'What was he thinking? He didn't need money, because he had a job. How sad the jeweller did not shoot in the air. That would certainly have caused Hicham and Hassan to flee. I am sure that Hicham never wanted to kill somebody.'

The father understands that the family of the dead mother demands a heavy sentence for his son. 'I am mourning twice', he says. 'For the dead woman, her children and her family. Their suffering cannot be described with words, that I understand all too well. But I also mourn for my son, because I have lost him too now. And I do not know how long that is going to last.'

'The family of the victim asks that my son never be released from jail. I realize he must be convicted, but I know the Hicham how he was before he got behind bars for the first time in his life. He is a good boy. I fear that a long sentence will only turn him into a bad boy. And in the end nobody's gonna win by that.'

Draw your own conclusions. Hat tip commenter Blauwvoeter.


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