Wednesday, March 10, 2010


One of these days a husband will carry his wife to her grave, and three children their mother.

From the Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws:

Last Friday, Mrs. Frédériqe Léveque, a 46-year old physiotherapist from Braine-le-Chateau, south Belgium, was driving her car in Ukkel, a Brussels commune, when she was carjacked by two Moroccan gangsters, Isham E.(24) and Hassan E.(20). One of them asked for the keys. When Mrs. Léveque did not comply immediately, he shot her first in her shoulder and then in her head. The two had just robbed a jeweller. Fortunately, two alert police officers were nearby and were able to force the Moroccans to the ground. They remain in custody.

I am very short on time and see no possibility to flesh this out, but what I wanted to write about was the explosion of violence in Brussels over the last one year and a half at the hands of Moroccan and Turkish criminals. What is ominous is the surge in the use of submachineguns. Every month now we hear of shooting incidents whereby AK47's are involved. Police razzias in 'sensitive' neighborhoods produce Scorpio automatic weapons. A police precinct is torched. A neighborhood has to be sealed off because gangsters have fled, after a firefight, into a building. From which they mysteriously vanish despite the cordon. Aided, of course, by their kin.

I do not want to hear ONE WORD about how all this has no relation to islam. There IS a very clear relation in the sense that these scoundrels are brought up in the belief that westerners are filth.

It should also be noted that in islamic 'culture', there is no place for empathy. By the time a subject of islamic culture rounds the cape of childhood, he or she emerges as a curiously blank individual with regards to emotions and aspects which distinguish us from beasts. It's actually a wide range of human assets that's lacking. Humor e.g. How many real good arab jokes do you know? In our culture, we have tons of cartoons - I'm not talking motoons here - that make your eyes fill with tears of laughter. Now think arab cartoons. Exactly.

It gets more serious when pain and suffering is involved. Your average western citizen cringes when he sees someone else, or something else, suffer. It's also why we have animals rights movements and be honest, even if you're a carnivore like me, if you're a run of the mill Euro or American you don't want the animal to suffer when it's finished to provide us with meat. Not so Ahmed, Ali or Yasmina. At a very young age they learn to butcher animals in the most horrible means imaginable. The pain of their victims is uncomprehensible to them. It is impossible for these creeps to place themselves in the shoes of their victims. Therefore, you have a qualified individual like Mrs. Léveque, a loving and caring spouse and mother...

... don't matter.

Empty a heavy caliber gun in her head. Skull shatters. Blood splashes. Bone fragments fly. Don't mean nothing. A fresh widower? Fresh orphans? Doesn't even cross the mind of these animals.


Pray for Mrs. Léveques soul and for the wellbeing of her family.


PS: the title of the piece means: one of the killers in Ukkel is security agent with the Brussels Underground.

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