Saturday, December 19, 2009


We keep staying in the nineties (this was the time when Mr. Ghost still wet his diapers). First a vid from UK band Ash, actually northern Irish; alternative rock. 'Oh yeah', a typical Britpop hit from their 1996 album 1977. Yes, that's 1977. The video is for swooning teens consumption but you'll have to live with that. Singer's Tim Wheeler.

Grunge hit Even Flow was, IIRC, the third single drawn from Pearl Jam's debut album Ten (1991). At the time I was never able to make out what exactly the singer, Eddie Vedder, was hollering about. That has now been found out:

It don't make much sense to me, but what can you expect from a guy hanging out with a lunatic like Sean Penn? Anyway, the guitar work is good.

And because I am such a kind-hearted character, here's Marathon, from the 1985 Rush album Power Windows.

When it came out, I though there's was almost too many synthesizers. Almost twenty-five years later, I can appreciate 'em more. Like good wine getting better.

That's all for today, nite. Tomorrow we start shooting again.


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