Saturday, October 24, 2009


Great Things, good and upbeat 1995 single from Britpop band Echobelly. Picked from the album On it reached #13 in the UK singles chart that year. The most prominent character is the singer, Sonya Madan, of Indian extraction. Quite an impressive voice for someone with such a frail frame. Since embedding the excellent studio version was disabled by request I had to make do with the live video below:

I thought Echobelly was dead and buried since 2004, but it seems Madan and Glenn Johannson, a Swedish guitarist and early Echobelly member, gave a concert featuring a.o. old material as late as July 2009 in Manchester.

Seems I can't get enough of Moby, despite his being an ass. "Why does my heart feel so bad" from the 1999 album Play. Whoever thought of using this song in the trailer for Black Hawk Down had a good idea:

Somalia was another of those places where an asshole population with ditto culture thought they'd be much better off running things their own way. I wonder if in the meantime, evolution in that hellhole has proceeded so far there that it has produced a single individual who has come to the conclusion that it would have been better for Somalia had they not taken potshots at Rangers and Deltas back in 93.

If you want my honest opinion, I don't think so.


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