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French society is disintegrating. The number of no-go areas for the police, euphemisitically called ZUS, or Zones Urbaines Sensibles (sensitive urban zones) is rising steadily, not only for the police, but more and more also for the indigenous population. The following video comes from Atlas Shrugs. Do not miss the "youths" toting and firing automatic weapons:

Pamela Geller also linked to a telling piece, almost forgotten, by Hugh Fitzgerald, titled "Douce France". It's from 2004. You don't want to know how much worse it has become since then:

"... Imagine that you are a cosseted member of the French elite. One child is doing the khâgne, aiming for rue d’Ulm. Another is now a politechnicien. You are very comfortable, working for the state. You and your spouse are journalists, or writers, or one of that vast tribe of people conducting “recherches” and life is comfortable, good, the way it should be. Yes, you do notice more and more Muslims about you as you walk, no longer in the banlieues, but in the center of Paris, or Toulouse, or Lyon. And you remember how uneasy you felt, four years ago, when you happened to be walking on the Cannebière in Marseille. You decided, then and there, that you would not return.
And you have friends who live in the south. And they tell you that the beurs – some call them maghrébins -- make life hell for everyone. They attack French children on the way to school. They vandalize cars. They threaten, and do more than threaten, anyone who is still foolish enough to walk out wearing a kippah or a cross. Whole areas of cities in the south, as in the north, and east, and west, have become off-limits to non-Muslims. In the schools, the teachers have lost authority. They cannot even cover the subjects of World War II, the Resistance, and the murders of the Jews as the state prescribes; they fear, with reason, the violent reaction of the Muslim students.

And as the schools become more and more dangerous for non-Muslim students and teachers, with more time and resources devoted to discipline rather than to learning, French parents and would-be parents are now silently factoring into their childbearing plans the present value of the future cost of what, they see, will now have to be added: private school tuition. And that means, of course, that those French people will plan on smaller families. And they will also be factoring in the growing cost, paid by them, those French taxpayers, for the whole expanding edifice of security, the guards in the schools, the guards at the train stations and métro stations and airports and at government buildings everywhere, the costs of keeping the gravestones from being vandalized, the costs of protecting the synagogues and the churches, the costs for all those tapped phones and agents in mosques, and subsidies to lawyers and judges to hear charges and try cases against Muslims, and the costs of monitoring da'wa in the prisons (more than 50% Muslim)...

France finds itself in the middle of a serious identity crisis, with prominent public figures like Jean-François Copé, leader of the UMP group in French Parliament, openly calling for a "total renewal and reworking of French identity": "La France est diverse. Il faut le vivre comme une chance." ("French society is diverse. You have to live it like a chance.") Copé, of the supposedly "rightwing" UMP party (Sarozy's party) stated literally that "one should stop teaching our children that our ancestors were all Gauls". Everything that made France what it is, or rather was before the emergence of parallel societies in the land of Le Roy Soleil, Chateau Margaux and Camembert, has to be scrutinized whether it is still relevant today, and preferably supplemented or rather exchanged for exotic surrogates from places like Marrakesh and Timbuktu. Like hedonistic effeminate Romans who chose to party when Rome was already ransacked by Vandals, young French "intellectuals" have declared an open war on what remains of the Catholic Church, by striving for what is called "débaptisation" - debaptising. Once, Catholicism was a great uniting force for the French, now many of them watn to cut all ties with the Church as definite as possible. The fight for debaptising is led by the anticlerical group "Libre Pensée" (Free thinking), which is close to the masonic lodge Grand Orient de France and lambertist networks. Libre Pensée prefers the hamfisted approach when dealing with Catholics. When confronted with matters islamic however, it changes its tune: it was NOT in favor of Sarkozy's burqa ban.

The following video shows you a dumb chick of Libre Pensée explaining that it is unthinkable that the Catholic Church has RECORDS of them (meant are of course baptising records), and that this grave intrusion of their private lives must immediately come to an end:

It's cunts like these who might, a few years hence, upon realizing their lives are utterly empty and hollow, find solace in the household of a muslim husband. As his third or fourth wife.

While native French thus still see great dangers emanating from the Catholic Church, another religion is taking possession of the streets. Video via Galliawatch:

Galliawatch also links to a post by Gérard Pince, who is an Economics Professor at the University of Paris. Mr. Pince recently had some sobering statistics on demographic developments in France:

..."So in 2060 we will have a France of 108 million inhabitants, composed of 55 million persons (24 + 31) belonging to black, Arab and Asian ethnicities and 53 million Europeans. Yes, 2060 may appear far off, but well before this date Europeans under the age of 40 will be a minority in relation to the Third Worlders of the same age group.

These results belie the affirmations of those who claim France is not a country of massive immigration. In fact, our "thought police" now acknowledge that the face of France is going to be transformed very soon and adhere, in substance, to the following line: "You were deceived for thirty years with bogus statistics. Now, the situation is irreversible. In the name of anti-racism and obligatory 'métissage', you ought to be happy to have become a minority in your own country!"

Now imagine that the Algerian government announces that soon Europeans will be in the majority in Algeria! There would be a general insurrection. That means that this "post racial" doctrine, which claims to be universal, only applies in reality to the Western populations who are told to dissolve themselves as rapidly as possible. Alas, the majority of Frenchmen are resigned to this evolution that seems inevitable..."

This was Outlaw Mike from the decks of the Titanic, and the orchestra is currently playing... wait for it, it's hard to hear with all that stuff crashing down at this angle... it's playing Ludwig van Beethoven's Ode to Joy!!!


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