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Saint Charles Johnson again. For the umpteenth time LGF's Charles Johnson has found the definitive evidence that the Vlaams Belang, the party I am a member of, is a Nazi party and is therefore to be avoided by those who oppose the creeping islamization of the West. To tell you the truth, I am getting so B-O-R-E-D with constantly having to defend myself and my party against these ridiculous accusations, that I didn't feel like rebuking this drivel again. I have done so in the past, here, here, and here, and then I even forget some. But after having been questioned by longtime acquaintance Mr. Ghost, I realized there's still far too many people out there hearing but one side of the story. So here goes - please bear with me.

The Vlaams Belang is not a nazi party. It has murky origins though, but has gone through a lengthy process of cleansing. It is sad and ironic that the very person responsible for that cleansing process, former chairman Frank Vanhecke, has currently been stripped of his immunity as MEP for an idiotic fact he did not commit himself, nor was even aware of. Point is, anno 2008 the (pro-US) VB is clean, or at least clean enough, and given its programme encompassing supply side economics, strong ethically conservative stances, and opposition to limitless immigration, it is very probably Europe's closest equivalent to the GOP. That is not to say there are no unsavoury characters left in the VB... but you will find those in any party. And when these people reveal themselves in an unguarded moment, they are ousted.

So let's now take a look at the latest LGF allegations. From the website of Our Holy Trinity of Ignorance, Arrogance, and Obsession:

Vlaams Belang Head at Nazi Book Fair - Update: VB Event at Neo-Nazi Pub
World Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 3:01:19 pm PST

Here’s a video showing Vlaams Belang leader Filip DeWinter, shopping for books at a VB/Voorpost convention. The books on these tables: neo-Nazi and fascist literature, and books about Voorpost—a European tribal nationalist militia with an openly fascist ideology.

Featuring salesmen wearing Nazi-style visored caps.

First off, those "Nazi style visor caps" are a rather common student accessory in Europe. I was not surprised to find a photo of them in a book dealing with the FarOer Islands, halfway Scotland and Iceland. Of course, Saint Johnson may claim that the FarOer Islands are one of those places where Martin Bormann and Co. fled to after Berlin fell in 45. But take a closer look as we proceed through the video. At some point Filip Dewinter - who, btw, is not the VB's Chairman but its fraction leader in Flemish Parliament - picks up a "Nazi" book and quickly fumbles through its pages here and there. He stops at the following page:


severenThe guy you see on that photo is Joris Van Severen, who in Flemish nationalist circles is a revered hero. During the interbellum, Van Severen, a World War I veteran who became disillusioned with the Belgian state for the often harsh treatment of Flemish conscripts under Walloon officers, founded the Verdinaso, or Verbond van Dietsche Nationaal Solidaristen. This Flemish nationalist movement advocated corporatism, strong catholicism and the unification of The Netherlands with Flanders, a geographic entity they called Dietsland. For those people who thanks to Johnson's constant barrage of accusations think I'm making this up, I refer to the Wikipedia entry. Take especially notice of this exerpt:

Joris Van Severen ideological thinking was also influenced by Charles Maurras and Maurice Barrès, whilst failing to come to any accommodation with the Rexists or the Flemish National Union. Van Severen was equally opposed to Adolf Hitler and on the outbreak of World War II he banned his followers from producing any material in support of Nazism...

... When Germany began executing Fall Gelb (the invasion of the Low Countries by Germany) in 1940 the Belgian government arrested him, together with many other Flemish-nationalist en communist politicians, and thousands of foreigners, and transported him to France for lack of space in Belgium. Van Severen belonged to a group of prisoners who was imprisoned in Abbeville, where, during havy German air attacks at May 20, he was shot with 20 other prisoners by French soldiers who thought they were dangerous spies.

It should be emphasized that Joris Van Severen, the man who despised the (then francophone) Belgian State for oppressing Flemish culture and language, exhorted his followers at the outbreak of the May 1940 invasion to take up arms for Belgium and fight the Nazi invader. As you can gather from the wikipedia entry, he was however rounded up by that same Belgian state and transported to France, where he met his untimely end at the hands of triggerhappy French soldiers who, apart from Van Severen, executed some twenty other persons suspected of espionage, an episode known as the "Bloodbath of Abbeville". Van Severen died a hero's death, as he was shot in the head and the stomach while trying to talk sense in a panicking French officer.

Okay-dokey. So much for the Obersturmbannfuehrer's biography Dewinter is so fascinated by. Now let's follow him further on his journey through the Nazi book:


If you thought Dewinter was admiring here a photo of Nazi officers on the Eastern Front, sorry, no such luck. It's a photo of Belgian Army officers prior to the war. On the photo, you can distinguish, second from the right, the Belgian King, Leopold III. Below you find a book cover with a photo of the King, wearing the high boots he was so fond of.


Sorry Charles, Leopold III may have been many things, but he was no Nazi.

So WHO THE F*CK got LGF's Grand Wizard this latest intel snafu? Johnson refers to a certain Thanos, and I thought it worthwhile to sniff a bit around on that fella's blog. Surprise surprise. I found this, RIGHT UNDER Thanos' entry regarding Filip Dewinter visiting a "Nazi Book Fair":


A-ha! I see! "Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama." Who would have thunk it??? So now we have a Barack Obama supporter telling us that the Vlaams Belang is a nazi party! Well well well!!! Now THAT's what I call a reliable source. Not!!! Check your buddies Charles. No, seriously. You live in La La Land huh? We have a saying over here: "wie bij de hond slaapt betrapt zijn luizen". Yeah, it's in that peasant's language Flemish. Sorry. It means: "He who sleeps with a dog picks up its lice." Do your homework better dude.


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