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Lots to talk about. Italian parliamentary elections developing in a neck-to-neck race between Prodi and Berlusconi. The French government surrendering to spoiled brats and overripe union commies. Germany inviting Mahmoud "Israel must be wiped off the map" Ahmadinejad to the 2006 FIFA World Cup. But the one item that finally made me open the DowneastBlog Dashboard is the following.

You can't make this up. You can't make this up. The Flemish Socialist Party SP.a has a youth chapter which recently renamed itself "animo", from "anemia" (note by MFBB). Animo has illustrious members such as Laurent Winnock, the bloke who during his "working" hours on a socialist cabinet produced Bush Piss Stickers, which, to mark the visit of the Prez to Belgium early last year, were distributed by the thousands to Belgian cafes to be placed in urinals.

Animo Poster May 1st, 2006
Last week I picked up some news about Animo retards sending Bush Piss Stickers to Venezuela's Chavez, and so I thought I'd take a peek at their site. I did find a related item, all right. But I also found the foin poster to the right. It's accompanying a contest among the young morally superior fuckwads to elect the "First May Man/Woman 2006". If you click on the item's permalink, you'll find the newsflash ends with "Beide winnaars worden op echte Maoistische wijze meegezeuld in de 1 mei optochten." Transation: "Both Winners will be paraded around in the May 1st demonstrations in true Maoist Fashion".

Time for some MFBB Reality Check. Much like Stalin was the USSR's Red Czar, Mao Zedong was Communist China's Red Emperor. Unlike Stalin's Russia however, Mao's realm had no significant industrial history nor capacity, and this fact caused him serious concerns after emerging victoriously from the civil war with the Guomindang and somewhat less victoriously from the Korean War. In the late fifties, he thought up an insane plan supposedly along the lines of the Soviet Five Year Plans, only much more radical, to bring China in one gigantic step on a par with the great industrial powers of the time, the USA in particular. Mao thought that a massively enhanced steel production was the key to achieving that goal. The "plan", heralded in 1958, came to be known as the Great Leap Forward, and it provided for a massive steel turnout by forcing tens of millions of dirt poor farmers to abandon their crops and produce steel in tiny furnaces in their backyards. Millions and millions of families had to provide pots, cans, tablewear, bicycles, you name it, in order to have it molten and "transformed" in raw steel. Needless to say, what came out was "pig iron" at best and not worth a nail to scratch your ass with, as we say over here. The Great Leap Forward was the Industrial Mother of Disasters from the output POV. Worse still, the millions that had vainly tried to outperform modern steel facilities in the US and the UK had been forced to neglect their lands. And uncounted hectares of woodland had been destroyed to provide wood for the furnaces.

The result was a famine as never seen.

From 1958 to 1961, an estimated 30 million Chinese died of famine.

Probably the best book to get acquainted with the subject is Jasper Becker's Hungry Ghosts: Mao's secret famine. Some excerpts:

All the time, the peasants were in fact starving — in the millions. In their dreadful state, the peasants sank to the lowest form of human survival — they resorted to cannibalism. They dug up the bodies of the recently dead. They hid the fact that family members had died: first, to continue to obtain an extra food ration from the party distributors; and second, to hide the fact that the deceased had been eaten. Then, finally, at the lowest level of an instinct for survival, adults began to kill and eat their own children, usually trading their living child for that of a neighbor's, so they would not have to literally murder and eat their own son or daughter. Children would beg their parents not to let them be eaten.


While one brutal disaster after another was imposed on the Chinese people in the name of socialism, Mao remained secluded most of the time in his private residence in Beijing. He would lie in bed all day. His teeth were green from never being brushed. He refused to bathe, so instead orderlies-in-waiting would sponge-wash his corpulent structure. Young virgin peasant girls would be brought to him from the countryside for his carnal pleasures, often for group encounters. He gave no thought to his having long been diagnosed with a venereal disease.

As you can see, Mao Zedong surely was a nice chap. So nice that in 2006 the fancy dashing boyz & girlz of Animo promise the May 1st Man/Woman 2006 will be put in the spotlights and paraded around in True Maoist Fashion.

And I'm not even talking about the Cultural Revolution.

Where was I? Oh yes, Bush Piss Stickers sent to Hugo Chavez. Well, it seems His Venezuelan Nutiness did not deem the Animorons worthy of a written response. However, his ambassador in Brussels did them the honour of inviting them to coffee. Their website is bragging so anyway:

Op donderdag 23 maart werd animo uitgenodigd op de koffie bij de ambassasdeur van Venezuela. De aanleiding was het artikel in het laatste nieuws van een dag eerder, waarin we Hugo Chavez - bij wijze van suggestie in zijn strijd tegen Dubya Bush - onze anti-bush-sticker aanraadden. Vorig jaar verspreidde animo meer dan 15.000 urinoir stickers, naar aanleiding van het bezoek van Bush aan ons land.

In short, on Thursday, March 23 an Animo delegation was invited for a coffee drink by the Venezuelan ambassador. Judging by the board behind the good man, I think both parties agreed on the core issues.

Just think about it. Mao = Good. Bush = Bad. Me = Feeling Lonely Among Nutters.


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