Tuesday, September 20, 2005


You might want to check this out. Belgian/Flemish top blogger Luc Van Braekel, who is also a successful Internet Entrepreneur, will be interviewed live by phone on The Dennis Prager Show on Wednesday September 21 between 9am and 10pm Pacific Time. This on account of the release of the newest turd hit by Flemish May 68 fossil Raymond Van het Groenewoud, titled "Weg met Amerika" (Down with America), on which topic Mr. Van Braekel will shed some light from a Flemish point of view.

Oh please, I know it's been on The Brussels Journal and even on LGF, but it really wasn't that important. After all, this dork's career was at its zenith when POTUS was a Pinda Farmer, and then only with two or three "hits". For those of you who still want to know who RvhG is, click here. See? It really ain't important, besides, just lookit the guy. Either he died when Pinda Potus had to yield to Ronnie and they reanimated him just for the cover photo, or he's terminally suffering from a big disease with a little name.

No, I just mention this because you know, I've come across this Prager's name on the net for some time and I have the impression he's a talkshow icon in the States, and when a fella like that interviews LVB, well, that just ought to be interesting. Over here, Luc has become somewhat the blogging reference, with even main newspapers referring to his site lvb.net, which also has an english chapter. I would situate Luc right of center, in that he is still a member of my old party, the center-right VLD. But if I'm not mistaken, he's also got libertarian traits and, being an entrepreneur himself, he's unapologetic pro free market. And he's a GREAT friend of America!!!Luc van Braekel

To prove my point, I included the pic to the right, showing Luc draped in a Stars and Stripes. This being a wholly owned Nazi White Supremacy KKK blog subSSidiary, our readers will be pleased to note that Mr. Van Braekel is of true Aryan descent, see also the piercing blue lookers. As a final token of his unflinching support for the American Empire, note also his battle cry "Weg met het Arabisch Schiereiland", which translates as Down with the Arabic Peninsula.

Readers should be aware that as a result of this bluntness all across the Islamic World fatwas were pronounced calling for the death of our hero. A.o. from KSA, where a certain Imam A'Big Ass'hole called upon the faithful to bring him Mr. Van Braekels head, or from Islamsterdam where a certain Ayatollah F'kin' D'umb'Ass exhorted a hysterical crowd to do a Theo Van Gogh to that infidel upstart from the restive southern provinces.

Anyway, if you got the time here is some data to follow the interview. For those regulars I know the approximate location of, see this brief overview:

*Florence, Alabama: WBCF-AM, freq. 1240, Weekend Best of Prager Show
*Denver-Boulder, Colorado: KNUS-AM, freq. 710, 10 AM - 1 PM - Live
*Bangor, Maine: WWNZ-AM, freq. 1400, Weekend Best of Prager Show
*Boston, Massachusetts: WTTT-AM, freq. 1150, 12 PM - 3 PM - Live
*Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford-Pulaski, Virginia: WPIN-AM, freq. 810, 12 PM - 2 PM - Live
*Richmond, Virginia: WTOX-AM, freq. 1480, 2 PM - 3 PM

Tell me how you liked it.



You can find the conversation between Dennis and Luc on Lucs podcast channel. I think it's quite good, but then of course I'm a Fleming. There are many important excerpts, one that stuck with me is when Luc is talking about the plethora of social security institutions (the unions, the "mutualities" - horrible word, huh?) in the Old Europe and that the Leftist Establishment is actually frightened of the pressure from the newly EU-admitted countries which increasingly seem to choose for the Anglosaxon model voor social services. I was pleasantly surprised that Dennis at once exclaimed "Estonia! Poland!" etc... so I guess he's aware of the flat tax revolution in the former Eastern Bloc. As an aside, there's upcoming elections in Poland too, and one of the presidential candidates, Tusk, is advocating a 15% flat tax. But enough of that, if you got the time, check out the interview! Skip the weather and traffic info.

Nice that Dennis said "Dank u" (Thank you) at the end of the interview, and fairly good, but he seems to have big problems pronouncing "Braekel". Hey, for Anglosaxons trying to speak Dutch, I can symphatize! Nite all.

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