Monday, August 15, 2005


Belgian/Flemish top blogger Luc Van Braekel has a post on the phenomenon of the so-called Freeway Bloggers. Dunno to what extent this is a hype in the States, but apparently it was sufficient for the UK’s The Brrrrrrooooooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrkkkkk Independent to waste trees on:

Feel like getting something off your chest against that iniquitous warmonger in the White House? Well, you can write a letter to your newspaper, tune in to liberal talk radio, or click to a reliably leftie website. Alternatively, you can take a drive on the highways of the United States.

These are the domain of the freeway bloggers, a breed that have invented a tangible concrete and tarmac version of the internet to make their feelings known about George Bush. The messages, posted from overpasses, bridges and verges, are short, pithy and very, very rude.

I took a short glance at those freeway boggers' website, where I found ethereal wisdom like:

a.) Sample 1: chimpeach

b.) Sample 2: If we had gone after Bin Laden the way we did Bill Clinton, he’d be dead by now.

c.) Sample 3: Rumsfailed

d.) Sample 4: We refuse to fight in a war started by men who refused to fight in a war.

But the best one was:

e.) Sample 5: Nobody died when Clinton lied.

Riiiiiiiiiight. Nobody diiiiiiiiiiiied. Here is an MFBB sample you morons:

Twin bombings of us embassies in kenya and tanzania crumpled buildings and blew apart buses Friday, August 7, 1998, trapping people under piles of concrete and twisted steel that rescuers cleared with backhoes, torches and their bare hands. At least 81 were killed and more than 1,700 injured, officials said. The blasts occurred 450 miles from each other but just minutes apart, turning busy streets in the two African capitals into bloody zones of terror.

Now, I can relate you know. Since the overwhelming majority of the dead in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam were blackies, it may be that the genius who thought out that catchy oneliner did not think it worthwile to count them in. After all, for lefties Body Counts only start to matter when the corpses’ value has been significantly enhanced by Speer, Barnes or Magnus bullets. It's all about Corpsorate America, don't you know.

Anyway, the Fwemish newspaper De Morgen, lefty nitwits pur sang, copyrighted the The Indypendent article in question, and that’s how LVB found out about it. LVB being a blogger pur sang, he seems to feel kind of offended at the thought of them graffitying clusterf*ckers being called "bloggers":

I wonder why the people who post these signs are called "bloggers". A slogan is not a blogpost, nor is a blogpost a slogan. To call these protesters "freeway bloggers" is an insult to bloggers.

I agree. Then follows an anecdote about his November 2004 journey in the States, during which he was apparently surprised by the many "walls of honor and respect":

What struck me during my visit to the US in November of last year, were the numerous "walls of honor and respect", with pictures from and dedications to servicemen stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a picture I took in the Powerhouse Building in Kingman, Arizona, the building where the Historic Route 66 Museum is located.

Many of these walls of honor and respect exist, though they are not always called that. To my surprise, googling for the term "wall of honor and respect" does not give any hits, while "freeway bloggers" gives 535 hits at this moment. Let's change that. The time has come for bloggers to post images of these walls of honor and respect. Please mention the term "wall of honor and respect" in your post, so that we can trace them through Google.

Roger that Luc. I’m sure you don’t mind that I once again, and not for the last time, steal a pic from your site. I certainly don’t. So here goes, the Wall of Honor and Respect as photographed by LVB:

Wall of Respect and Honour

And don’t forget to read the Sunday, August 14 installment of The Mesopotamian, "Pajama War Games". A nice scenario for a Freeway to Hell, as advocated by the Road Bloggers.


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