Saturday, August 20, 2005



Foine Beljun product"A 17-year old boy was killed in an explosion in an apartment building in Oslo's northeast ward of Grorud Wednesday evening. His 19-year old brother was seriously injured, in what was apparently was an attempt at making explosives. The police believe they intended to use the explosives to blow up Oslo Transit's ticket machines, NRK reports."

What that Norwegian journal does not tell you is that the fella actually is having sex right now with 72 virgins, an orgy his brother apparently missed by, uh, a wh*re’s hair: both are Norwegians from Syrian descent and I don't think they were Wiccans. The "friend" was from Musharraf Country and not an animist. The two girls were purely Norwegian though (I must admit MFBBLogic (TM) has never quite been able to jibe with women’s logic).

Anyway, according to my fellow Nazi Blogger, uh, brother-in-arms Hoegin in Norway, the fella was convicted last year for 17 facts, a.o. a violent robbery of a supermarket in Romsas. Not gonna elaborate on his further exploits, it’s too bad.

Oh well. It’s all the fault of our western so-sai-ty man. All the fault of our western so-sai-ty.

For this occasion, MFBB stole the I-Don’t-Give-A-F*ck-O-Meter from Dog of Flanders.


P.S.: nadineken, if you ar reading this, I have not forgotten about Père Ubu. Just haven't been able to upload the pic you sent me. Having trouble with Ipswitch Uploader from this puter. Have to do it from another one. The GiveAF*ckOMeter above only shows because I'm stealing bandwidth.

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