Wednesday, October 13, 2004

OK, debate #3 is tonight. I actually think the pressure is on Kerry in this one. The low expectations set by the Democrats in terms of Bush's performance make it so that all the president has to do is hold his own and it will look like he won. After all, shouldn't John Kerry, the more intelligent, sophisticated, and well trained debater be able to destroy this simpleton president? I also think that John Kerry's voting record is going to really hang over him tonight. He got a pass in the first debate, but in the second Bush brought up several issues about Kerry's record that Kerry had no answer for. Tonight, Bush will come at him with everything.

Still, I think this format favors Kerry, so my prediction is a draw. The liberal press will spin it as victory # 3 for Kerry, while conservatives will think Bush won. The polls will return to about where they were before the conventions, with Bush with a slight lead going into the election. Don't think so? Well, what's your prediction?

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