Thursday, October 14, 2004


There's no two ways about it: this election is going to be ugly. By ugly I don't mean close and hard fought, I mean unscrupulous and disgraceful. The Democrats have already sowed the the seeds of voter disenfranchisement. Teams of lawyers are in place around the country that will spring into action in all the battleground states that show a margin in Bush's favor. I do not think we will know who the president is going to be the day after the election, and possibly for a long time after that.

For a group of people who seem to be obsessed with what the rest of the world thinks of us, you'd expect behavior that wouldn't create one of the biggest national embarrassments in history. What will it tell the rest of the world when we can't seem to hold an election without getting our courts involved? Last time was bad enough, but these clowns don't see that as their fault. To them, Bush stole the last election, and therefore anything they do this time around is fair game, including illegal activity.

If Bush manages to win despite widespread media bias and the DNC's scare tactics, I will be totally convinced that The Democratic party is doomed. If you can't win with such a stacked deck, you are hopelessly out of touch with the electorate.

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