Thursday, September 09, 2004

I stumbled across this article on absenteeism among workers in the US auto industry. This isn't the normal DowneastBlog fodder, but check out these gems:

"Absenteeism among hourly workers in the automotive industry runs about 10 percent annually, about three times higher than in other industries, according to a study published this year by the Automotive Supplier Action Committee, a trade group. At some Big Three plants, absenteeism runs as high as 20 percent."

"Line workers receive up to five weeks of vacation and 17 paid holidays. When plants are idled for retooling or slow sales, workers also collect pay."

"During last year’s contract talks, Chrysler sought and won stricter disciplinary practices to lower absenteeism. The new contract reduced the limit of unexcused absences from 12 to eight before a worker gets an unpaid month off. Previously, it took nine no-shows to get a written warning."

These have to be the most spoiled workers in America, and they complain more than anyone. How many days of unexcused absences would you accept from an employee before firing them? I don't think I'd make it to 2.

One thing the article fails to mention: This could all be solved by getting rid of the unions and allowing workers to compete for jobs. Simple.

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