Thursday, June 24, 2004

The US backs down on its position regarding the ICC. Isn't this just lovely. According to this article, Kofi Annan personally stepped in to give us the shaft:

"He urged members to oppose the resolution, questioned the legality of an exemption and warned against dividing the council."

I love the "questioned the legality" part. So the US asserts that it's not under the jurisdiction of this little tribunal put together by the UN, and we're somehow breaking the law? Guess what Kofi: we never signed up to begin with. Just because these muppets see themselves as the sovereigns of the world doesn't mean they can force us to participate in their little charade of a court. Anyone who believes this wouldn't be used as another tool to "keep the US in line" is a damned fool. If we signed on for this, you can bet your arse that George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and half the command structure of the US military would be put on trial with some Hans Blix clone as the judge.

Assuming John Kerry isn't elected and we don't sign the most gross violation of US sovereignty in history, it will be really amusing watching the masters of the ICC try to bring Americans to trial. What are you going to do, Kofi, draft 12 resolutions against us?

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