Sunday, June 20, 2004

Gulp? What's going on???

1°) Clinton backs Bush

Noting that Bush had to be "reeling" in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, Clinton said Bush's first priority was to keep al Qaeda and other terrorist networks from obtaining "chemical and biological weapons or small amounts of fissile material."
"That's why I supported the Iraq thing. There was a lot of stuff unaccounted for," Clinton said in reference to Iraq and the fact that U.N. weapons inspectors left the country in 1998.

Wonder how JFK II will welcome this news.

2°) McCain backs Bush

(CBS/AP) Before cheering troops, President Bush got a strong endorsement on Iraq and a boost for his re-election campaign Friday from Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican courted by Democrat John Kerry to be his running mate.

Invited by the White House to accompany Mr. Bush, McCain introduced the president, saying, "he has led this country with moral clarity about the stakes involved and with firm resolve to achieve unconditional victory," reports CBS News Correspondent Mark Knoller.

So much for a Kerry/McCain ticket.

3°) Putin backs Bush

ASTANA, Kazakhstan - Russia gave the Bush administration intelligence before the Iraq war that suggested Saddam Hussein's regime was preparing attacks against the United States and its interests abroad, President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

Not bad from Pootie-Poot.

Does all this have to do with the realization among The Powers That Be that the whole world is in for the long haul with regards to The War on Terror and that we are better off with a unwavering President who has shown that he's got guts and knows how to handle the crisis? I tend to think so. I read Blackfive, Glenn Reynolds, Jeff Jarvis plus the major media outlets today and, like it or not, I guess we will all have to get used to the fact that Islamism has revealed itself to be the 21st Century Communism. True, they don't field the Warsaw Pact's massive armies. But a dirty bomb in, say, Denver, or a civil war in KSA - for which the current regime would only have itself to blame - can distrupt our lives more than Brezhnevs USSR ever did. Apart from the civilian loss, the world economy could take a devastating blow and all of us could be plunged in a crisis dwarfing the 1929 recession.

Islam is a body being taken over by Islamism. Europe is in very grave peril and can possibly not muster the courage anymore to face its homegrown monster. If you think I'm drooling go read LGF for starters. That is why the US's effort to democratize the ME has become of paramount importance to the Free World. I don't believe Kerry is the person to maintain the momentum in Iraq, and, judging from the above articles, neither do Clinton, Putin or McCain. In 1940 Winston Churchill, upon the RAF's final victory during the Battle of Britain, famously remarked "Never before in the history of mankind have so many depended on the actions of so few". Well, without much exaggeration one could say the welfare of the world's populations dependson those Americans who will vote GOP come November.

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