Sunday, May 09, 2004

So it's looking like this prison abuse thing is actually turning out to be the issue that is going to stick on this administration. The Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the president, but thus far nothing has seemed to resonate much with the American people, until now. Of course, we're all appalled with what happened in those prisons, but a lot can be told from people's reactions to this event. Some of us want the perpetrators of those acts punished, along with those in the chain of command who knew of these procedures. We'd also like to see this done quickly and decisively so that we can begin to repair the damage done to our image in that region, and get on with making this great undertaking work. There are others who would like to see this scandal continue to develop like a festering wound so that it drags down the entire administration and our efforts in Iraq as well. These people would gladly hand Iraq to the mad mullahs just to get the current president out of office, and they believe this scandal is their means to that end. Their concern is not for the Iraqis who were abused, or for the population of Iraq in general, or for our own soldiers. These are just tools to be used to further a political agenda. Where was the outrage when Saddam Hussein was committing acts far worse than this on his own people? Where was the outrage when millions were being slaughtered in Rwanda? Where was the outrage when American civilians were being killed and their bodies dragged through the streets just a few weeks ago? We're supposed that the left has reached their breaking point over acts that, let's face it, probably occur in our own prisons on a daily basis? Please, the selective morality is truly sickening.

Let's fix the problem, but let's not lose sight of the big picture here. There's no doubt in my mind that these acts will cost the lives of American soldiers. The longer the scandal goes on, the more our servicemen are at at increased risk. Perhaps those calling for resignations and yet another ridiculous congressional hearing should consider this fact before engaging in more petty political maneuvering.

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