Monday, April 26, 2004

Tom, actually I'm glad that you came up with that topic about the Vlaams Blok.

The arrest has dominated the press over here.

I wanted to edit a piece on this event, but compared to the developments in Iraq, where the stakes for our Western Civilization and, indeed,
for the sake of Democracy, Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East are crucial, I considered it to be a if not a non-topic, at least a minor one, to be addressed at a more appropriate time.

Well, Politically Correct Belgium has struck again.

As Mr. Pollard's update clarifies, the Party itself is not outlawed (yet), but supporting organizations are, revenues are curtailed, steps can now be taken to prevent the distribution of Party-publicized printing via the Postal Services, etc. etc... In short, it's a strategy aimed at strangling the voice of what is soon to be Flanders biggest party.

Can I be just angry yes? Depressed? ANGRY YES?????? VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY ANGRY???????

Look friends (good to know I got friends across the Atlantic), I got no time.

I have kitchen furniture to order (requires filling in order forms, drawing plans, double-checking the order codes etc...).

I have faxes to prepare (for ordering spare parts for electrical appliances).

I have online payments to do (social security, goods purchased, electricity, taxes...)

I have invoices to make, quotations.

At the end of that, when I go to sleep, I want to try to make my desk look halfway decent.

In short, I'm doing the type of work that keeps a society going.

All this while a bunch of full-of-themselves morally bankrupt self-deluding coward reds and greens are trying hard to stifle MY political voice, when ALL I WANT FOR THE IMMIGRANTS WHO FLOCK TO MY COUNTRY IS TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE, ASSIMILATE WHILE BEING FREE TO WORSHIP WHOEVER THEY WANT, CALL THEIR NEWBORNS WHATEVER THEY WANT, CLOTHE HOWEVER THEY WANT, AND ABIDE BY OUR LAWS.

Meanwhile the nice boys of the Arab European League, led by Brussels-based former Hezbollah member Dyab Abu Jahjah roam the streets of Antwerp SHADOWING POLICE PATROLS.

Understand who can.

So I'm very sorry. I feel like I should rant and rant and rant and RANT AND RANT AND RANT!!!!!!!!

But I can't. Work comes first.

Sorry for the dark thoughts and poor writing (I consider it poor). It's just that I've been so adversely affected by this arrest the past days that, well yeah, I'm so ANGRY it affects my capacity for coherent writing.

Sorry for now, I'll be back later. Keep up your good work. Kerry, noticed you've been mentioned on Instapundit and Buzz Machine (JohnL, a fine gent from Massachusetts, made me aware of it). Congratulations!!!

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