Thursday, April 29, 2004

Believe it or not but Colonel Kadhafi landed at Zaventem, Brussels Interantional Airport. He met Prodi, President of the EU Commission and had also talks with a delegation of the Belgian government. Finally he visited Belgian Parliament, where he said (a.o.) the following, which came as quite a shocker for our dear Politically Correct Excellencies:

"I have a higher opinion of the direct people's democracy in Libya than the representative democracy in the Western World. Representation is fraud. I want the people to go sit on the seats you are now sitting on".

Ouch. Sorry, Colonel? You've been in charge for how many, 34 years now? Lemme see, in this time span we have had the governments of Tindemans, Leburton, Martens (all seven of them), Eyskens, Dehaene (also quite a few) and now we have (gulp) Verhofstadt II. Sheesh.

In spite of the man's obvious impudence in addressing the Parlementarians of his host country, I must admit I've been wondering quite a lot about the man's apparent U-turn over the past three years or so. I recall him saying - in the wake of Operation Enduring Freedom, I think - that the US has the right to defend itself. And this is a must-read. I'm puzzled. Has the Libyan leadership really made the correct analysis the way it was following was a dead-end? Or has Gadhafi other plans he wants to distract the world's attention from? I read he has big ambitions in Africa. That he wants to turn away from the Arab World and instead focus on the Leadership of something like an African Union.

It's all pretty hard to gauge at this stage. Worth watching closely however. Any thoughts?

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