Thursday, January 01, 2004

Kerry and Scott,

I am preparing a valuable answer to your questions. Can't do it overnight, need some time and that's just what I haven't got now.

On the other hand, saying the following and meaning it with all of my heart takes no sweat:


Thanks for the GREAT JOB the US is doing in restoring peace, order and democracy throughout the world!

And now that I am at it: as I have been enjoying the festivities of the past evening, with good food, beverages, friends and family around I feel more than ever compelled to give at least some thought and a couple of prayers to all Coalition soldiers out there, but especially the American ones since they always bore and bear the brunt of the fighting. I have a subscription to Time Europe and in last week's issue, with the great photo on it featuring Sgt. Buxton, Spc. Grimes (beautiful lady btw) and Gunner Whiteside, there was a heartbreaking story on the fate of a.o. Lt. Colgan who perished from shrapnel in his brain during a patrol in Adhimiya district, one of the hotspots of Baghdad. Lt. Colgan was a hell of a father, husband and soldier and leaves behind his wife Jill and two cute kids. I am wondering how Jill and her kids are coming through this very period which is supposed to be full of joy and happy prospects. I hope and pray enough family and friends are around to stand by her in this difficult time. I sometimes take a look at CNN's Coalition casualties info. These heroes portrayed there, because they are nothing else, not only restore peace, order and democracy; they are protecting my very way of life.

Damn right Time chose The American Soldier as Person ot the Year. Who else?

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