Saturday, February 29, 2020


The Trammps with The Night The Lights Went Out. Album The Trammps III (1977).

The Trammps more or less invented disco. I was never a huge fan of the genre, but must admit key hits deserve their rightful place in Humanity's Great Pantheon of Music. Earl Young was the key figure throughout, being co-founder, singer and drummer.

Eighties softrock: Change from Tears for Fears. From the album The Hurting (1983).

Tears for Fears, i.e. the duo Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal, formed in 1981 in Bath, UK. Despite their rather ghey look, especially Smith, TfF were immensely popular with teen girls in the Low Countries in the early to mid eighties. 'Despite' or perhaps rather 'because of' cause they were not the only band like that for which them females fell in droves (Duran Duran, the inventors of metrosexuality, comes to mind). Anyway, TfF had considerable talent and it's a pity they broke up in 1990. Some of their stuff is perfect and does not deserve the relative obscurity their oeuvre has sunk in.

Goede nacht.


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