Saturday, February 15, 2020


Jamiroquai with Love Foolosophy. Album A Funk Odyssey (2001).

We don't hear from Jamiroquai anymore - at least not in my neck of the woods - although they are supposedly still around. British funk and acid jazz band which formed in London in 1992. Guy's name is Jay Kay, by the way.

David Bowie with Let's Dance. From the album Let's Dance (1983).

It was my mate John D., my original (and only) mentor in rock, who introduced me to the Early Bowie, of which he was a huge aficionado. However, when Bowie released Let's Dance, John more or less defenestrated him for being '(far) too commercial'. I for one didn't really mind. The album indeed featured a couple of rather catchy songs, but I couldn't care less whether a whole new bunch of people suddenly were huge Bowie fans. It was just another example of the man's eerie capacity to reinvent himself time and again.



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