Sunday, January 12, 2020


At a time when the West is rocked by turmoil, for which it is to a large degree itself responsible, a Great Conservative Mind has left us:

But his parting gift offers a ray of hope:

"We have entered a spiritual limbo. Our educational institutions are no longer the bearers of high culture and public life has been deliberately moronised. But here and there, sheltered from the noise and glare of the media, the old spiritual forces are at work. Popular culture contains pockets of gentleness and melody. Architects, writers and composers produce works which are neither kitsch nor 'kitsch'. Prayer and penitence have been interrupted, but not forgotten. To those who wish for it, the ethical life may still be retrieved. Ours is a catacomb culture, a flame kept alive by undaunted monks. And what the monks of Europe achieved in a former dark age, they might achieve again."

~ Sir Roger Scruton

God bless.

Rest in Peace, Sir.


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