Monday, February 04, 2019


As per usual, an eloguent video courtesy Prager University:

There's indeed no arguing. Leftists are generally so absorbed in their own self-righteousness they take it at face value that no sane person could even think slightly differently from the way they do.

I have, alas, witnessed this several times in the company of family and friends of a rather leftist persuasion. Over the past year, on three separate occasions, during shared meals, suddenly Woman X (and then Man X) at one occasion, or Woman Y at another, or Sister X on a third occasion, would explode stating that "Trump was an asshole". On each occasion the woman put this statement forward with such an imperial air of being correct on the subject, that merely contemplating that someone else at the table might disagree to even the slightest extent, was out of the question.

Now I absolutely LOATHE, say, Hillary Clinton. But there's not a hair on my head that would think of suddenly exclaiming "Hillary Clinton is a perfidious CROOK" the moment I would sit down to have a nice meal with people you otherwise like.

These are just three separate occasions, but there have been many more. I can only conclude that leftists absolutely DON'T like it when someone disagrees with their exalted POV.

But then...

... I guess I'm telling you nothing new.


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