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Giacomo Grosso (1860, Cambiano – 1938, Turin) was an Italian painter. Quite early, the Cambiano Town Council recognized Grosso's talent and paid for a scholarship at the Accademia Albertina in Turin in 1873. After schooling by a.o. Andrea Gastaldi, Grosso debuted in 1882 at the 24th Esposizione della Società di Incoraggiamento alle Belle Arti di Torino, and finished his studies in 1883.

The year after, he further established his fame with a work inspired by the author Giovanni Verga's La storia di una capinera in Turin's Esposizione Generale Italiana. In the following years he became a regular guest of the Parisian art scene, and he began to expose on international exhibitions: in Paris in 1896, Munich in 1899, and San Francisco in 1915. By now he became acclaimed as a portraitist.

In 1901 he made his first journey to South America and he received commissions from Argentina. In 1910, for the International Centenary Exhibition in Buenos Aires, he executed a huge commemorative canvas of the Battle of Maipú (1818), which actually took place in the Chilean War of Independence. From 1906 he held the chair of painting at Turin's Accademia Albertina, and, after entering in politics, became a senator for the Kingdom of Italy in 1929. He died in Turin in 1938.

Two works:

La Femme (1899).

Avvocato Cesare Sarfatti.

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