Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Lookie look, Belgium's prime newspaper De Standaard has a story to tell about an attack by leftist radicals on an AfD politician:

"Frank Magnitz, Chairman of the extreme rightwing party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in the German region Bremen, on Monday became the victim of an attack.

The man was admitted to hospital with severe wounds, according to a statement from his party..."

Really De Standaard? Wow, thank you for enlightening us. And for the nice photo of Mr Magnitz.

Now for a reality dose. This is Mr Magnitz in his current state in a hospital in Bremen:

"Became the victim of an attack", huh?

Mr Magnitz studied banking, pedagogy and for a short while jurisprudence. In between, for a couple of months in the late sixties, he was a member of the DKP, the Deutsche Kommunistische Partei, but as Winson's saying goes, "if you're not a socialist at twenty yada yada yada etc etc etc". We will forgive him his youthful foolishness. Anyway, towards the end of the seventies Mr Magnitz founded a company for construction materials, which he sold again in 1999. Since then, he has been a consultant in the building sector and a succesful local real estate mogul.

And now for the cincher: he is heterosexual, married (to a Turkish woman), and the father of six children. Aaarggghhhh!!!

So that's why. Mr Magnitz is a highly successful, decent, (massively) contributing, law abiding citizen, whose very lifestyle breathes conservatism, and our red and green cocitoyens just can't-have-that. The famous leftist tolerance at work!

DowneastBlog wishes Mr Magnitz a speedy recovery and congratulates him for bravely standing up for sanity and common sense in a Europe that's becoming more batshit crazy every day.


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