Tuesday, July 10, 2018


President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Kavanaugh once clerked.

That's a nice little family there. A relief from unwise latina women and bitches who would prefer to lower the age of consent to 12.

Via FOX News:

"Senate Democrats and liberal groups vowed to resist what could be a dramatic and long-lasting rightward shift on the Supreme Court.

Within seconds of Trump's announcement in the White House Monday night, the far-left political action committee Democracy for America called Kavanaugh, 53, a "reactionary ideologue" whose confirmation would "directly lead to the deaths of countless women with the dismantling of abortion rights."

And in a statement, the Women's March said ominously: "Trump’s announcement today is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States."

"Stripping a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body is state violence," the group continued. "We cannot let this stand. We will raise our voices and take to the streets.""

"Trump’s announcement today is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States."

Yeah right. Never mind 55 million perfectly healthy foetuses terminated by these bastards. Until last week I had never heard of Kavanaugh, but judging by the liberals' reaction he's got to be good. The following graph places Mr Kavanaugh ideologically right near Judge Clarence Thomas. If that turns out to be true, it's yet another promise on which the President makes good.

Sitting here in Belgistan, it's overcast and all along the horizon is a mottled grey cloudfront whereas until yesterday the sky was bright blue with not a speck in sight. I now suspect very much that change has got everything to do with liberal doom and gloom across the Pond. Good for them!

Personally I would have liked Amy Barrett better, but if RPG croaks, who knows? Bet I'll see lightning flashes then in them clouds.

And now let's hope Mr Kavanaugh gets nominated, but why wouldn't he? This POTUS is all about WINNING, which under the previous Prez had become a forgotten sport.


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