Saturday, June 30, 2018


Coldplay with Adventure of a Lifetime. Album A Head Full Of Dreams (2015).

Sorry for all teh Demonrats in teh video.

Echobelly with Great Things. Album On (1995). I think I've had that number up before, but it must be a couple of years back.

Singer's Sonya Madan, of Indian stock, born in New Delhi. Great voice for a frail body.

And the following number is also an encore, but it's so good I think it's worth it. Salad with Drink the elixir. From the 1995 band Drink Me.

Singer Marijne Van Der Vlugt, from The Netherlands, used to be a veejay at MTV in my, erm, salad days. Otherwise Salad is a UK band which last year, after a looooooong hiatus, started recording again.

Good night.


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