Monday, April 30, 2018


If you think Austria is on the right path now that Wunderwuzzi is Chancellor, think again.

Martin Sellner, leader of Austria's Identitaeren, had his offices and apartment raided by the Austrian police:

Hat tip our friends from Gates of Vienna.


00:00 Dear Austrians, I’m turning to you today, not from my office
00:05 and also not from my apartment, for a sad reason: because early this morning there was
00:10 a nationwide police raid by the police state against our movement, in which
00:15 all offices were searched and private apartments…
00:20 There were data stores seized, computers, documents, maps, all the materials that we urgently
00:25 need for political activism. This is a scandal!
00:30 This is intolerable — the state of this country: I think you are as angry about it as I am.
00:35 The reason for this is that the state prosecutor thinks that we, the Identitaire Movement,
00:40 are a criminal association. We were put on the same level as the real
00:45 Islamic terrorists and mafias, because we dared
00:50 to exercise our basic right of free expression in this country using peaceful activism to bring
00:55 attention to the abuses. Precisely the abuses that are being perpetrated everywhere in Austria:
01:00 political Islam in the mosques, extreme-left terror, which, armed with an iron chain,
01:03 attacked our activists, which torches cars. And what is
01:07 the justice system doing? The justice system, which
01:10 freed presumed rapists in Tulln, who then disappeared. The justice system
01:15 is attacking the patriots. This state of affairs — it’s truly not the country we want. I believe
01:21 that millions of Austrians think exactly the same way. Therefore
01:24 we now need your help. We guarantee that we won’t let go. And I find it symbolic that I’m
01:27 standing again on the street as when it all started. And we will bring to the streets
01:30 the protests and our displeasure against this… this “political justice”
01:33 and we will proceed — following the rule of law —
01:36 against those intolerable home searches and oppose the actions against the patriots.
01:41 And we ask you to help us with it. Help us make our voices loud.
01:46 Because everyone who remains silent becomes complicit. Use #Heimatliebeistkeinverbrechen
01:51 [love of homeland is no crime] and spread the video, spread the information about this act of
01:56 of political injustice again patriotic activists in Austria on all social media,
02:01 and I would have asked for donations, since we are expecting court expenses, but
02:06 last night even our Hungarian bank account was closed, presumably as a result of pressure.
02:11 Therefore if you want you can donate to the IBD [German Identitaire],
02:14 our German sister organization. You’ll find the account number
02:17 and the designated recipient at the end of the video. But above all I’m asking you not to be silent.
02:21 Because it has to be possible in this country to exercise peaceful patriotic activism.
02:26 It has to be possible to criticise political Islam. It has to become clear
02:29 that love of homeland is not a crime.

Email the Austrian Ambassador in your country and tell him or her it's a SCANDAL of the first order that Mr Sellner and his organization, who are true Austrian patriots and in essence the only real hope for the future of this Alpine country, are treated as if they were the very vermin that's actually aiming to destroy Austria - and by extension, Europe.


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